Where to Get Osmium Dagger in Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

Osmium Dagger Starfield

The Osmium Dagger in Starfield is a compact melee weapon boasting a formidable 28 physical damage. This sleek dagger is designed for rapid engagement, featuring a three-stroke standard attack sequence and a potent heavy attack for more intense combat scenarios. To acquire the Osmium Dagger, players must overcome challenges posed by Pirate, Ecliptic, and Va’Ruun Zealot foes. Taking on missions from the various Mission Boards is recommended to level up faster while farming for the Osmium Dagger.

Osmium Dagger Stats
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Furthermore, diligently exploring points of interest and quest areas with an eye for Military Crates could reward adventurers with this coveted stealthy melee weapon. Enhance your arsenal and discover the strategic advantages of the Osmium Dagger in our comprehensive Starfield weapon guide.

Where to Get Osmium Dagger

Osmium Dagger drop from Ecliptic Warmonger and Pirate Corsair
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Common locations for encountering these items include:

  • Abandoned Mines (Level 10+ Star Systems)
  • Abandoned Industrial Compounds (Level 10+ Star Systems)
  • Deserted Ecliptic Garrisons (Level 10+ Star Systems)
  • Deserted Mineral Plants (Level 10+ Star Systems)
  • Deserted Relay Stations (Level 10+ Star Systems)
  • Deserted UC Listening Posts (Level 10+ Star Systems)

Watch for Military Crates and Storage Boxes during your adventures, as they are prime sources for acquiring this exceptional Starfield dagger. I’ve seen Osmium Dagger drops from Ecliptic War Mongers, Ecliptic Contractors, Pirate Rovers, Pirate Corsairs, Ecliptic Warmongers, and more.

How to Increase Osmium Dagger’s Damage

Osmium Dagger’s effectiveness can be significantly enhanced with the right skills from the Physical tree and permanent melee and sneak attack upgrades. Collecting Skill Magazines and Books boosts melee skills like Dueling, Martial Arts, Stealth, and Concealment, increasing the dagger’s damage output. Additionally, players venturing into higher-level star systems may encounter rare Osmium Daggers with special weapon modifiers, offering even more potent effects.

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