Where to Get Iron in Roblox The Survival Game?

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Are you wondering where you can get Iron in Roblox’s survival adventure The Survival Game?

In The Survival Game, you will be immersed in a medieval world with endless possibilities. You can explore the game’s map, build a shelter, and acquire resources like iron, ingot, steel, and bluesteel. You can then use your resources to build a crafting table and craft armor, weapons, and tools to assist you in your struggle to survive. Using your hammer you can build decorations, structures, and even a home.

The Survival Game Iron Locations Map

The Survival Game Iron Locations
Image Source: The Survival Game (UndoneBuilder#1933)/Meta Game Guides

Where to Get Iron in The Survival Game?

Contrary to Copper and Coal, Iron is a rarer metal in The Survival Game. I have discovered Iron in two locations so far:

Desert Biome Iron Locations (Desert Temple)

At the Desert Biome, inside the Desert Temple with the Egyptian Ankh symbol at its entrance in West Desert. The cave is more like a maze, but if you keep exploring it, you will find a big rock boulder blocking your path. Breaking the boulder will get you to a subpart of the cave with three Iron ores.

Argonath (Two Warrior Statues) Iron Locations

Argonath (Two Warrior Statues) Iron Ore Cave Location
Iron Ore Cave Entrance Image Source: The Survival Game/Meta Game Guides

In the cave behind the two statues that resemble Argonath. These are located around the middle of the green islands, and it is best to get there by boat. Once you enter the ridge between the two statues, you will find the cave entrance on your left-hand side. This cave is also like a maze, but once you pass a small pond, you will find another boulder. Breaking the boulder with your Pickaxe will reveal another location with 5 Iron ores.

At the backside of this same island, on the left, you will find a location with grass and two trees in front of a tunnel. Enter the tunnel, go underwater, and once you resurface, you will find one more Iron ore.

Shipwreck Iron Location

Shipwreck Iron Ore Cave location
Shipwreck Iron Location Image Source: The Survival Game/Meta Game Guides

After you pass between the two statues and come to the other side of the island, continue left until you will approach the edge of the map. You will find a shipwreck with one more Iron ore close to a rocky bridge structure.

Cave Beyond the Stone Bridge Structure Iron Location

Cave Beyond the Stone Bridge Structure Iron Location
The cave is visible on your left as you pass the rocky bridge structure Image Source: The Survival Game/Meta Game Guides

After reaching the shipwreck, get on your boat and go through the bridge structure shown in the previous image. A little after the rocky bridge, you will find a cave. Get inside the cave, where you will find some Coal ores, and follow the path until you find another boulder. Break the boulder to access 3 more Iron ores. You can also climb the mountain to avoid mining through the boulder.

Cave on the Mountain beyond the River Iron Location

Cave on the mountain beyond the River
Image Source: The Survival Game/Meta Game Guides

You will also find Iron inside a cave at the Western Iron Mountains. These are visible as you pass the river that cuts the Mainland Biome in half. Turn slightly to your left as you go from the Southern Mainland to the Northern and Southern plains. The cave is visible on the front side of the mountain. Go through the maze and eventually find another boulder hiding three Iron ores behind it.

Check the video below for more details:

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