Where to Find & Catch Reindrix in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Reindrix Paldeck

Reindrix is the No. 59 Pal in the Paldeck. As an Ice-type Pal, you will find Reindrex in the colder areas of the map, around the second Tower Boss, and the southern side of the Tundra regions. Reindrix’s work suitability lies in Lumbering Lv 2 and Cooling Lv 2 (making it great to use at your Cooler or to lower the temperature around Egg Incubators). Thanks to its Cool Body Partner Skill Reindrix, it is great as a mount in desert regions like the Sand Dunes.

Its transparent cerulean antlers glow with the cold of absolute zero. Any who touch them with their bare hands are instantly frozen and smashed to pieces.

Reindrix Locations (Day & Night Habitat)

Reindrix Habitat Location (Day & Night)
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Make sure you wear Cold Resistant Armor when searching for Reindrix.

The fastest and easiest way to capture Reindrix is to find them around the second Tower Boss fight, the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance, where you fight Lilly and Lyleen. You will find multiple Reindrix Pals around the towers there during the day and night. I recommend bringing multiple Mega Spheres or, even better, Giga Spheres. The latter are closer to Reindrix’s level. I caught Reindrix with a Mega Sphere, but I had to use a ton of them and get it to really low health with my Wixen. The closest fast-travel points to the location are the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance and the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance.

Alternatively, you should look for higher-level Reindrixes in the southern region of the Tundra island. However, they are spread out across a large region. The waypoints you should fast-travel to there are (south-to-north order) Cold Shore, No Man’s Trail, and Icy Weasel Hill. The Middle one, No Man’s Trail, is the one I would pick, but you’d better bring a flying mount.

Reindrix Stats

Paldeck Number059
Element TypeIce
Potential DropsReindrix Venison, Leather, Horn, Ice Organ
Work SuitabilityKindling Lv 2, Lumbering Lv 1
Partner SkillCool Body: Can be ridden. Keeps the rider cool in hot environments. (Requires Reindrix Saddle)
Food Requirement7/10
Anastasios Antoniadis
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