Where to Find & Catch Ragnahawk in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Ragnahawk Paldeck (1)

Ragnahawk is the No. 74 Pal in the Paldeck. This is a Fire-type Pal found in the Volcanic area of the Palpagos Islands. Ragnahawk can be ridden, and it’s the 6th fastest flying mount in the game with a run speed of 800 and a sprint speed of 1300 (4th fastest in Palworld). It also comes with work suitability that includes Kindling Lv 3, making it one of the best Pals in the game for fire-based tasks at your base, and Transporting Lv 3, which is also top of the crop. This is a must-have flying mount until you get Faleris, and it’s even better than Beakon.

Importantly, you must reach level 37 to unlock the Ragnahawk Saddle, while you would want to capture one with the Swift Passive Skill. For instance, my Beakon has the Swift Passive Skill, making it faster than the Ragnahawks I own, due to them lacking the Swift Passive Skill). You may have to catch a ton of Ragnahawks until you get the right one. Remember that Passive skills are not inherited when breeding Pals.

Some think its a related species to Beakon, but there is in fact no connection. It mainly eats rocks, and after many long years its beak and head have hardened to accommodate this diet.

Ragnahawk Locations (Day & Night Habitat)

Ragnahawk Habitat Location (Day & Night)
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Ragnahawk can be found around the areas where you will encounter Incineram, Leezpunk, and Leezpunk Ignis. These include the southern coast of the Volcanic region and the western coast.

To find and capture Ragnahawk, start from the Fisherman’s Point fast-travel point on the southern coast and move west alongside it. You will encounter Ragnahawks flying around. Bringing water-based Pals is recommended, however, if you are too leveled up it’s best to fight fire with fire to avoid killing Ragnahawk before you capture it. These Pals are around levels 28-32, so capturing them with Giga Spheres is possible but challenging. Ideally, you would want Hyper Spheres, but if you don’t have access to them bring a ton of Giga ones.

Ragnahawk Stats

Paldeck Number074
Element TypeFire
Potential DropsFlame Organ
Work SuitabilityKindling Lv 3, Transporting Lv 3
Partner SkillFlame Wing: Can be ridden as a flying mount. Applies Fire Damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. (Requires Ragnahawk Saddle)
Food Requirement7/10
Anastasios Antoniadis
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