Where to Find & Catch Necromus in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Necromus Paldeck

Necromus is the No. 109 Pal in the Paldeck and a Dark-type Legendary Alpha Pal. Necromus appears in the same exact location as Paladius, in the Sand Dunes, so you must fight them together. This Pal comes with the Legend (+20% attack, +20% defense, +15% movement speed) Passive Skill, just like every Legendary Pal. It also has the Lord of the Underworld Passive Skill, which boosts Dark attack damage by 20%.

Necromus can be ridden and is the fastest ground mount in Palworld, with a run speed of 900 and a sprint speed of 1,600. It is a fantastic ground mount but easily outclassed by the best Palworld flying mounts, like Jetragon and Frostallion.

Necromus’ work suitability is in Lumbering Lv 2 and Mining Lv 2, so it’s decent but not a great worker for your base, especially with a food consumption of 9/10. Necromus drops Pal Metal Ingo and Large Pal Soul when killed or captured.

Once one with Paladius. Its darknened form is the embodiment of negative emotions. However, a glimmer of compassion can still be seen deep withing its eyes.

Necromus Habitat Location (Day & Night)

Paladius & Necromus Field Boss
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

The exact coordinates where you can find the Field Bosses Necromus and Paladius are 447, 679 in the Sand Dunes region of the map. The closest Great Eagle Statue is the Deep Sand Dunes one; then you can fly northwest (NNW) to reach the Field Boss pair.

To capture Necromus, I recommend following this process:

  • Capture Jormuntide (Alpha Version)
  • Use Jormuntide (Alpha Version) to capture Blazamut (Alpha Version)
  • Use Blazamut (Alpha Version) to capture Frostallion (Alpha Version – Legendary)
  • Use Frostallion (Alpha Version – Legendary) to capture Jetragon (Alpha Version – Legendary)
  • Use Jetragon (Alpha Version – Legendary) to capture Necromus (Alpha Version – Legendary)

Jetragon has a type advantage against Necromus, and once you capture Necromus, you can fight and capture Paladius, who has a type disadvantage against Necromus.

This is the exact order of captures I came up with and used. I fought Necromus and Paladius with my Jetragon, reduced its health to 100-200, then threw a bunch of Legendary Spheres until I captured Frostallion. However, any Dragon-type Pal or Pals with Dragon-type skills will be solid options against Necromus, like Jormuntide, Jormuntide Ignis, or Astegon.

Notably, this fight is particularly hard, so I recommend coming equipped with guns and weapons to help your Pal damage Necromus fast, as you will have to fight two Legendary Pals at once here. Dodging and losing aggro is crucial as both can very easily kill you.

Necromus Breeding

You can only breed Necromus using two Necromus as parents. Check our Palworld Breeding Calculator for more details.

Necromus Stats

Paldeck Number109
Element TypeDark
Potential DropsPal Metal Ingot, Large Pal Soul
Work SuitabilityLumbering Lv 2, Mining Lv 2
Partner SkillDark Knight of the Abyss: Can be ridden. Can double jump while mounted. (Requires Necromus Saddle)
Food Requirement9/10
Attack (Level 50)870
Attack (Level 50)718
Work Speed70

Necromus Active Skills

Spirit FireFire457
Shoots fireballs towards an enemy. The fireballs explode after a short distance, generating smaller fireballs that spread forward.
Dark LaserDark15055
Charges dark energy before blasting enemies with a powerful beam.
Shadow BurstDark5510
Quickly discharges dark energy, damaging those around it.
Spirit FlameDark7516
Fires three balls of malice that relentlessly pursue an enemy.
Nightmare BallDark10030
Creates a giant ball of darkness and hurls it at an enemy.
Rock LanceGround15055
Generates a sharp rock spear under an enemy.
Twin SpearsDark12040
Necromus exclusive skill. Clads its twin spears with vicious whirlwinds and charges forward, thrusting them one after the other.
Anastasios Antoniadis
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