Where to Find & Catch Mozzarina in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Mozzarina Paldeck

Mozzarina is the No. 29 Pal in the Paldeck and a Neutral-type Pal that appears in the central regions of the Palpagos Islands. What makes Mozzarina special isn’t her combat prowess but the fact that it is the only Pal you can place inside a ranch to produce Milk, thanks to its Partner Skill, Milk Maker. Mozzarina comes with Farming Lv 1 work suitability and 3/10 food consumption. It can drop Mozzarina Meat and Milk when killed or captured.

Milk pours from this Pal like water from an open faucet, regardless of its gender. It’s truly a mystery of life, although this mystery be better left unsolved.

Mozzarina Habitat Location (Day & Night)

Mozzarina Habitat Location (Day & Night)
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Mozzarina can be found in a patch of land around the central region of Palpagos islands, designated by the Ravine Entrance Great Eagle Statue (X: -66, Y: -425) and the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Great Eagle Statue (X: -109, Y: -467). Catching Mozzarinas is easy with Mega Spheres once you reduce their health enough.

Mozzarina is also available for purchase through the Pal Merchant. Located near settlements across the islands, Pal Merchants are easily recognized by their distinctive blue clothing. These merchants offer a daily rotating inventory of common Pals, which can be acquired in exchange for gold. Additionally, players can sell their Pals to the Pal Merchant, receiving gold in return.

Mozzarina Stats

Paldeck Number29
Element TypeNeutral
Potential DropsMozzarina Meat, Milk
Work SuitabilityFarming Lv 1
Partner SkillMilk Maker: Sometimes produces Milk when assigned to Ranch.
Food Requirement3/10

Mozzarina Active Skills

Sand BlastGround404
Hurls sticky mud at an enemy.
Air CannonNeutral252
Quickly fires a burst of highly pressurized air.
Power ShotNeutral354
Charges energy into a focused blast.
Stone BlastGround5510
Fires a barrage of stones forward.
Power BombNeutral7015
Charges a massive amount of energy before firing a large destructive ball.
Stone CannonGround7015
Digs up a boulder and hurls it at an enemy.

Mozzarina Breeding

Multiple parent combinations can produce Mozzarina as an offspring. Check our Palworld Breeding Calculator for more details.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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