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Lyleen Paldeck

Lyleen is the No. 104Pal in the Paldeck and a Grass-type Pal. Lyleen is an excellent fighter among the Grass element pals, as showcased in your fight against the second Tower Boss, Lilly and Lyleen. If you want to add Lyleen and Paldeck to your team, visit the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, the only location Lyleen spawns in Palworld.

Lyleen’s work suitability lies in Planting Lv 4, Handiwork Lv 3, Medicine Production Lv 3, and Gathering Lv 2, so she is a very versatile worker for your base. When captured or killed, Lyleen drops Low Grade Medical Supplies, Beautiful Flower, and Innovative Technical Manual.

Notably, Lyleen comes with the Spirit Emperor Passive skill, which boosts Grass attack damage by 20%, making her one of the strongest Grass-type fighters in the game.

A docile Pal full of love. It wathces over small Pals who have lost their parents. It uses a full-power Solar BGlast to discipline naughty Pals.

Lyleen Habitat Location (Day & Night)

Lyleen Habitat Location (Day & Night)
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

To find and capture Lyleen, you must reach No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary at the northwestern corner of the map. Getting there is fairly easy if you have a flying mount. Just fast-travel to the Deep Sand Dunes Great Eagle Statue and then fly northwest to reach the island.

The hard part is waiting for Lyleen to spawn, as she is a much rarer spawn than Fenglope and Incineram Noct on the same island. You may have to wait a long time until she pops up. When she does, use a strong Fire Pal to reduce her health and eventually your weapons to ensure you don’t accidentally kill Lyleen.

Since the Lyleen spawns are typically between 40 and 45, even Giga Spheres are good enough to capture it, albeit with many tries. I used between 10 and 15 Giga Spheres to capture mine, but I recommend using Hyper Spheres to save time and Spheres.

Lyleen Stats

Paldeck Number104
Element TypeGrass
Potential DropsLow Grade Medical Supplies, Beautiful Flower, Innovative Technical Manual
Work SuitabilityPlanting Lv 4, Handiwork Lv 3, Medicine Production Lv 3, Gathering Lv 2
Partner SkillHarvest Goddess: When activated, the queen’s soothing graces greatly restore the player’s health.
Food Requirement6/10

Lyleen Active Skills

Seed Machine GunGrass509
Fires a volley of hard seeds at enemies in front of it.
Wind CutterGrass302
Fires a high speed blade of wind that flies straight at an enemy.
Seed MineGrass6513
Launches a deadly seed. If it hits an enemy, the seed explodes.
Grass TornadoGrass8018
Generates two tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy.
Spine VineGrass9525
Generates spiny thorns that chase an enemy along the ground, piercing them from below.
Aqua BurstWater10030
Creates a giant ball of water and hurls it at an enemy.
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