Where to Find & Catch Fenglope in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Fenglope Paldeck

Fenglope is the No. 93 Pal in the Paldeck. It is a Neutral-type Pal that appears in the southern Volcanic regions of the Palpagos Islands (Level 28-32) and No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary (Level 40-45). If you want to fill the Paldeck, I recommend using the first location. Still, if you want a strong Pal for your party, you should head to the latter location, where you can find other powerful Pals, like Faleris, Astegon, Blazamut, Orserk, and Shadowbeak.

Fenglope is the 5th fastest ground mount (750 run speed, 1050 sprint speed) in Palworld and slower than Direhowl, so it isn’t an absolute must-have as a mount. As a worker, it only has Lumbering Lv 2, so once again, it’s not a must-have in terms of work suitability. When captured or killed, Fenglope drops Leather and Horn.

In ages past, its beautiful visage was a common sight in paintings. As time passed, its beautiful pelt and antlers were often seen in works of art.

Fenglope Locations (Day & Night Habitat)

Fenglope Habitat Location (Day & Night)
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

The best spot to find and capture Fenglope is the entire southern beach of the Volcanic Regions. There, you will also encounter Leezpunks, Ragnahawks, and other Pals between levels 28 and 32. You should look for Fenglope in the sea or in rivers, I have not encountered any on land. To get to the area, use the Fisherman’s Point fast-travel statue as a starting point and then head west. Bring many Mega Spheres or a bunch of Giga Spheres to capture a Fenglope.

The alternative is to fast-travel to the Deep Sand Dunes statue and fly northeast to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. There are many Fenglopes waiting for you there, and while they are much stronger they don’t have a large health pool, so you can easily weaken them. I recommend bringing Hyper Spheres or a ton of Giga Spheres to capture one.

Fenglope Stats

Paldeck Number93
Element TypeNeutral
Potential DropsLeather, Horn
Work SuitabilityKindling Lv 3
Partner SkillWind and Clouds: Can be ridden. Can double jump while mounted. (Requires Fenglope Saddle)
Food Requirement6/10
Anastasios Antoniadis
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