Where is Meowy in Anime Champions Simulator?

Anastasios Antoniadis

Where is Meowy in Anime Champions Simulator

In Anime Champions Simulator, you’ll undertake a challenging quest assigned by the Devil NPC on Sawblade City planet, who has lost his beloved cat Meowy. The difficulty of this mission stems from the extensive grind required, as you will first have to defeat 50 Bats and 5 Raging Bats before unlocking the second part of the quest. Once you save Meowy, you must defeat another 50 Raging Bats to extract revenge for his abduction.

Should you need assistance with other quests within the game, our comprehensive guides are at your disposal, including those for The Nest and the Special Grade Finger For further insights and tips, consider checking out the Trello Page. Moreover, if you want to enhance your gameplay with additional coins and boosts while exploring The Land of Ants, don’t forget to visit our Anime Champions Simulator codes page, where you can redeem various free rewards.

Where to Find Meowy in Anime Champions SImulator

Where to Find Meowy in Anime Champions SImulator
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

To locate Meowy within the Anime Champions Simulator, navigate to the Sawblade City planet. Proceed to the Devil quest giver and then make your way behind this character. Look for the building on your right side; Meowy can be found inside.

After successfully dealing with the bats, your next step involves passing through the doors of a building. You can refer to the image provided above to locate the exact position of the doors of the Devil NPC. As you approach the building’s model, there the two doors will become more noticeable—simply proceed through them as if they were open, like I do in the screenshot below.

Entering the door to Meowy's room
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Upon entering the room, you will immediately spot Meowy confined within a cage regrettably undersized for its comfort.

Save Meowy
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Save him and return to Devil to complete the second phase of the questline. The final phase will require you to punish 50 Raging Bats for stealing Meowy.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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