VideoProc Vlogger review: Capable free video editor for beginners

Content creation has been thriving in recent years, making it simple and easy to create clips for a portfolio or any project. First, you have to edit it to generate something new, so which is the best video editor for beginner video editors? Video editing is a broad field that encircles everything from making short clips to sharing on social media to video production for white-collar use cases.

More and more people are creating videos, and the consumption of videos is on the rise. But it can be extremely hard to find out simple enough to get started and the right video editing tool. Here's where VideoProc Vlogger, an absolutely free video editor for beginners comes in to sort out video editing problems.

What is VideoProc Vlogger?

VideoProc Vlogger free video editor for beginners Main UInbsp vpvmainui1000x5601 VideoProc Vlogger review We put VideoProc Vlogger one of the best free video editors for beginners in video content creation under the microscope
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VideoProc Vlogger is a video editing software that is reliable, intuitive, and designed for multiple creators like videographers, hobbyists, beginners, and expert vloggers. VideoProc Vlogger is the latest product from a leading multimedia software company, Digiarty Software Inc., working for over 15 years and providing innovative solutions for video processing.

Contrary to its sister software VideoProc Converter that only offers a free trial, VideoProc Vlogger is a 100% free video editing tool that can help you convert your everyday videos to a high-quality cinematic experience.

Who can enjoy the exciting features of VideoProc Vlogger?

As long as you have pictures or footage in your hand, you can turn it into an exciting music video, game mashups, pro-level vlogs, cinematic videos, and slideshows with the help of VideoProc Vlogger for your special occasions and adore memories. This versatile Software has the capabilities to meet all of your video editing requirements.

The VideoProc Vlogger is a capable and ideal video editing software for beginners in video editing who want to edit their videos like pros. This includes Beginner video editors, novice YouTubers & social media influencers, Online educators, expert vloggers, drone pilots, gamers, action camera enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs, proud dads and moms, seasoned marketers, and many more. 

Video by VideoProc Vlogger Official

User-Friendly Interface

You will find the interface of VideoProc Vlogger easy to use, simple and intuitive regardless of your user experience. Even beginners can easily install it and quickly start working on it, editing their videos like an expert in a few minutes. 

Functionalities of VideoProc Vlogger

There are a number of exciting and unique features in VideoProc Vlogger from which users can easily get benefits. Below, the best parts of VideoProc Vlogger are described, including the Software's innovative features for audio Editing, motion editing, color grading, and speed ramping.

VideoProc Vlogger Motion Editing UInbsp vpvmotion970x6461 VideoProc Vlogger review We put VideoProc Vlogger one of the best free video editors for beginners in video content creation under the microscope
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Motion Editing

The Software is equipped with a motion editing tool for camera reframing and movements. With the help of this feature, you can easily control the different parameters like crop, scale, rotate and position by adding keyframes. The Software's graphic UI design this process so that it should be easy and simple for beginners.

The user simply drags the frame visually rather than dealing with values and numbers for appointing the initial and ending statuses. In simple words, with the help of the motion editing tool WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). 

The capability of Speed Ramping

Changes in speed can significantly impact the production quality of your videos. With the help of VideoProc Vlogger of you can visually and easily adjust all types of changes in speed on the Bezier curve by utilizing advanced algorithms and keyframes for maximum smoothness. 

You can enhance your video projects with the help of this feature in a variety of ways. You may use it to highlight activities in sports, for example, by speeding the clip to create suspense then suddenly slowing it down to focus on critical moments, all without any sharp transition points.

VideoProc Vlogger Color Grading UInbsp vpvcolor800x4001 VideoProc Vlogger review We put VideoProc Vlogger one of the best free video editors for beginners in video content creation under the microscope
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Color Grading

To rival several other video editors in the same category, VideoProc Vlogger has a competent professional color editor. With the help of it, you can easily get necessary color corrections, as well as eloquent color grading. Whether you are an expert user or a beginner, you can quickly and easily manipulate light and colors for incredible visual results. 

With the help of the color grading feature of VideoProc Vlogger, you can do various things such as image noise reduction, enhancement of videos shots in low light, color grade flat footage, fixing overexposure and underexposure footage, making the sea colors more vibrant and dull sky and from DSLR camera edit 10-bit HDR video.

Audio Editing

Sound is essential when you are creating professional-level videos. The importance of sound is equal to the extent of visual effects to make the video more appealing to viewers. The video will be a disaster if it is poorly edited and is without great sound. Luckily the VideoProc Vlogger has an efficient sound editor with the help of which you can easily and quickly create extraordinary productions. 

The audio editing tools provided in VideoProc Vlogger are: for fine-tuning sound, there are an Audio equalizer, Audio analysis tools for ensuring transactions or highlight actions, for the reduction of noise Audio enhancement tool is present, to extract background music and adjust volume Audio editing and mixing tool is used, and in the last, there is a Voice changer sound effects.

VideoProc Vlogger also has additional features to these above-mentioned creative features. The highlight features are as follows.

Real-Time Editing: you can make edits in the ‘Inspector' area, and any type of change you make will concomitantly take effect while your video is in play mode. 

Precise Timeline Editing: with the automatic editing tool, you get streamlined Editing, drag-and-drop functionality, frame-by-frame Editing, and magnetic timeline editing. 

Hardware Accelerated 4K Editing: you can easily and quickly preview, render, edit, and also can export significant 4K content even if your computer is low spec.

Broad Native Format Support: you have easy access to video files from mobile phones, iFrame cameras, Go-Pro drones, Apple devices, DVDs, DSLR, recorders, etc.

VideoProc Vlogger: How it helps different users

VideoProc Vlogger is a fantastic video editing application that has a user-friendly interface. It has facilitated beginners, expert videographers, vloggers, YouTubers, and many more. 


Now the vloggers can quickly and effortlessly trim a video, remove the unnecessary segments, and quickly rearrange the clips and form a sequence in any order. VideoProc Vlogger also made it easy and simple to remove black bars, cut a video track, crop in, critical area emphasis, and reduction of the distracting elements. 


For videographers, there are interesting features with the help of which they can make amazing videos. Some features support exporting and adding subtitles and can easily apply filters (such as Sharpen, Grayscale, Mirror, Edge, and Painting) and preset visual effects. The VideoProc Vlogger is also equipped with a Motion tool that enables the user to utilize simple effects of the camera with 28 motion presets or customize the directions and path with keyframes.

Videographers use the color grading feature of VideoProc Vlogger to make the colors of video or image more attractive and brighter. Simply select one of the 93 built-in Luts/filters for films and photos, or use the right toolbar to make fine modifications.

Beginners in video editing and content creation

The beginner YouTubers or vlogger can use this Software easily because of its easy-to-understand interface and can create expert-looking camera movements that include Pan, Dolly, zoom out/in, Truck (move right or left), Tilt, Rotate, Dolly zoom (Hitchcock shot) and Pedestal (move up or down). The effects turn out very interesting, and they might help beginner YouTubers and vloggers keep their viewers interested.

Sports video editors

Sport video editors, especially those new in the industry, can also benefit from VideoProc Vlogger as there are features present in the editing software to speed up the videos. There are over 14 Bezier curves that enable the user to slow down or ramp up the pace, which in the end provides a cinematic effect giving a professional and natural look to the video.

You can also emphasize the parts where skills are shown and also can add focus. There is a ruler guide present with a magnetic timeline that allows the Editing, cutting, deleting, and setting of the video sped points with high accuracy. You can easily change speed between 1/32X to 32X from anywhere.

Music editors

Music editors use VideoProc Vlogger for matching their cuts with the background music beats. The whole process happens smoothly with the help of VideoProc Vlogger. You just need to select the ‘Audio editor' for starting the process and then click on the ‘Analyzer'; after that, select the detecting mode, then on your timeline, you can easily see all the markers. Of course, you can simply change the tone from Woman, Man, Child to Robot and quickly adjust the volume.

VideoProc Vlogger review: A great free video editor for beginners

Overall, VideoProc Vlogger is a feature-rich video editing program for Windows and other platforms, and it is exceptionally light and speedy. The VideoProc Vlogger is capable and ideal Software for those people who want to edit their videos like a pro. And the interface of VideoProc Vlogger is easy to use, simple and intuitive regardless of your user experience.

There is also a downside for VideoProc Vlogger that it doesn't have 24×7 live chat or telephone customer support. You use email for contact, and the creators will reply to you within 24 hours.

VideoProc Vlogger is equipped with a number of distinctive and exciting features. It has GPU acceleration, and its video processing can handle 4K videos. Overall, this is a great piece of video editing software with very few downsides, especially since it comes absolutely for free.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best free video editors for beginner content creators and editors.

Video by VideoProc Vlogger Official

VideoProc Vlogger Specifications & System Requirements

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
OSWindows: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 or later (64-bit)

Mac: Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, i.e. Mac OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, or higher
M1 optimization, run natively on Apple Silicon Macs
Processor2 GHz Intel® or AMD® processor2GHz or aboveIntel Quad Core i5 or better
RAM1GB RAM2GB or above recommended4GB RAM for HD media8GB RAM or higher for 4K, 8K media
Graphics Card512MB GPU VRAM or higher2GB GPU VRAM for HD, 4K media, or higher resolutions
Hard Drive Space600MB free hard-disk space for installationSSD recommended for current video projects, especially for high bitrate 4K, 8K videos
HDD for video storage of finished projects
VideProc Vlogger minimum and recommended system requirements

Supported Hardware Acceleration Technologies and Models

NVIDIANVIDIA® GeForce GT 630 or higher
AMDAMD Radeon HD 7700 series (VCE 1.0) or higher
IntelIntel® HD Graphics 4000 or higher
Apple silicon chipsM1, M1 Pro, M1 Max
VideoProc Vlogger hardware acceleration specs and support

Supported Input Formats

Input TypeCodec/Container Formats
HDR (HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision 10 bit timeline preview)
Apple ProRes, QuickTime
MOV (H265/H264/Apple ProRes/Alpha PNG/QuickTime)
MKV (Multiple audio streams, subtitles)
Long GOP videos
VR and 360 Videos: Monoscopic, Stereoscopic, Equirectangular format
3D Video
AudioMP3, AAC, M4A, M4R iPhone Ringtone, OGG, AIF, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMA, Opus, Dolby Digital, DTS, MOD

ImageHEIC/HEIF Unique
Apple ProRaw
360 Photo: Equirectangular format JPG/TIF
Subtitle & TextSRT, ASS/SSA
LRC (Lyrics)
Full Unicode support
LUTsSupports .cube and .3dl LUTs

Supports real-time preview when applying LUTs, compare with original color, basic color correction and color grading, HSL panel included

Batch import technical and stylish LUTs pack from ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Panosonic, Sony, free online LUTs
Project FileVideoProc Vlogger Project File
VideoProc Vlogger Archived File Folder
VideoProc Vlogger Input specs list

VideoProc Vlogger Supported Output Formats

TypeContainer & Codec
VideoMP4 (H264, HEVC, audio in AAC, MP3)

MKV (H264, HEVCAudio stream encoded AAC, MP3 or FLAC)
AudioMP3 (MP3)
Project FileVideoProc Vlogger Project File
VideoProc Vlogger Archived File Folder
VideoProc Vlogger output formats list

Devices and Platforms

YouTubeAll of the following resolutions at 16:9 aspect ratio
3840×2160 (2160P) 4K
2560×1440 (1440p) 2K
1920×1080 (1080p) HD
1280×720 (720p) HD
1080p and higher resolutions are recommended
InstagramIn-Feed Video: 1920×1080 (16:9), 1080×1080 (1:1) or higher resolutions at these aspect ratios

IGTV Video: 1080×1920 (9:16)
Stories: 1080×1920 (9:16)
TikTok1080×1920 or other resolutions at 9:16 aspect ratio
FacebookFeed 1:1 square
Full portrait 9:16
Landscape 16:9
iPhoneiPhone 11 series and newer models: shoot at 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9 aspect ratio

Older mddels: shoot in 4K, 1080p, 720p at 16:9.
1:1 square, 9:16, 3:4 and free form available after in-camera cropping
Xbox One PlayStation480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p (4K UHD).
More Presets720 x 480 (3:2) NTSC
2160 x 1620 (4:3) iPad
More DevicesTVs from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, etc, Huawei, HTC, Amazon Pad, Google Mobile & Pad, Lenovo, General Android Mobile, and Pad…
VideoProc Vlogger support output platforms & devices list

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