unEqual Traits Tier List

Anastasios Antoniadis


In Roblox’s unEqual, you can roll for a Trait by spending $5,000 on the Reroll NPC. Check our unEqual codes list to earn some free cash for Ability Rerolls. Our unEqual Traits Tier List will help you pursue the right Traits for your character.

unEqual Traits & Rarities

Traits in unEqual provide boost multipliers to certain aspects of your character. These can be combat-related stats like Damage, Strength, Defense, Ability, Mana, Speed, and Stamina or utility-related ones like Cash and Luck.

Legendary Traits: 2% Chance

  • Luck Boost – Grants 2x Luck which will also stack with everything else
  • Damage Boost – Grants 1.5x Multiplier on all damage
  • Cash Boost – Grants 2x Cash which stacks
  • Tier Boost – Adds 0.4 Tier to whatever tier you roll on your Magic Ability

Rare Traits: 20% Chance

  • Strength Trait – Strength Damage boost
  • Defense Trait – Defense Boost
  • Ability Trait – Ability Damage Boost

Common: 78% Chance

  • Stamina Trait – Grants more stamina
  • Mana Trait – Grants more mana
  • Speed Boost – Grants a little extra speed

unEqual Traits Tier List

Below, you will find the unEqual Traits tier list, split into four tiers and ranked from best to worst.

S-Tier Traits

  • Tier Boost (Legendary)
  • Damage Boost (Legendary)

A-Tier Traits

  • Luck Boost (Legendary)
  • Cash Boost (Legendary)

B-Tier Traits

  • Defense Trait (Rare)
  • Ability Trait (Rare)

C-Tier Traits

  • Strength Trait (Rare)
  • Stamina Trait (Common)

D-Tier Traits

  • Speed Trait (Common)
  • Mana Trait (Common)
Anastasios Antoniadis
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