The Hunter: Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

The Hunter Starfield

The Hunter, a formidable Starborn entity, is first officially encountered by the Spacefarer during the main mission High Price to Pay in Starfield. However, their presence looms throughout the Settled Systems, with potential earlier sightings at locations like The Viewport in New Atlantis and The Hitching Post in Akila City.

Background In the primary reality, the Hunter consistently manifests as Keeper Aquilus. As a Starborn, their quest for Unity is a defining trait. This quest has gradually cemented their belief in humanity’s unworthiness of Unity.

Marked by a stark detachment from human concerns and a relentless pursuit of personal power, the Hunter often exhibits a flagrant indifference to human life. Their actions have repeatedly opposed human interests across various universes. However, in certain universes where they choose to collaborate with the Spacefarer, Hunter’s motivations appear to be driven more by curiosity and ennui than malevolence.

The Hunter Dialogue & Dialogue Options

Location: The Viewport, New Atlantis

  • Initial Interaction: “Huh. Not used to people coming up to me. The suit usually scares them off. *chuckles* Although I guess that’s my fault, isn’t it?”
  • Dialogue Options:
    • Option 1: “It’s an impressive suit, if a little intimidating.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Yeah, well I go all over. A little psychological warfare up front tends to make things easier.”
    • Option 2: “Scary? No. Just looks like you’re trying too hard.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Ouch. Two minutes into this conversation and I’m already getting sized up.”
        • The Hunter: “Well, outside of “heroic” individuals like yourself, the suit can give people pause. That can be handy when I need it.”
    • Option 3: “Where’d you get a suit like that anyway?”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “I guess you could say I’ve always had it. Once you’ve been all over like I have, you might find yourself in something like this too.”
  • Dialogue Options:
    • Option 1: “I’m guessing you’re a mercenary then. Or military.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Retired, actually. From too many lives to count. But I’ve been all those things and more, yeah. And a few more.”
    • Option 2: “So you’re saying you’re a thug.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “*laughs* I guess maybe I am. Hell, I’ve been everything else in life, why not add that to the list?”
    • Forced Dialogue:
      • The Hunter: “I spend a lot of time in the fringes these days. God help you if you come across something someone wants.”
      • The Hunter: “You’d think it was things like civilization and factions that cause people to want to shoot each other. Nope. Even without that, it’s winner take all.”
    • Option 1: “That’s bleak. Plenty of people are out there helping each other.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Of course. That’s what makes the reality so tragic.”
    • Option 2: “As long as I’m the winner, that sounds fine by me.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “You got that right.”
    • Option 3: “There’s a whole philosophy behind that sentence, isn’t there?”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “You’re on to me.”
    • Forced Dialogue:
      • The Hunter: ‘Wait a second. I think I’m in danger of having a real conversation with someone for a change. *chuckles* Better stop here.”
      • The Hunter: “I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

Location: The Hitching Post, Akila City

  • Initial Interaction: “Well, look who it is. How’re the Settled Systems treating you? *chuckles* Make any enemies yet?”
  • Dialogue Options:
    • Option 1: “I’m trying to help as many people as I can. Not make enemies.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Choosing to act is what puts you in conflict with others. It’s not about how pure the intentions are.”
    • Option 2: “A few, but I’ve come out on top so far.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Good for you. Let’s hope you stay on top, then.”
    • Option 3: “What’re you doing here?”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Waiting. I do a lot of that these days. But the shortest path to a goal sometimes requires patience.”
    • Forced Dialogue:
      • The Hunter: “Once you start making a real impact on the universe there’s always more and more people who end up on the losing side of your decisions. Someone always gets hurt.”
    • Option 1: “That’s not true. I choose to help. Make things better for people.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Ugh. Now you sound like one of the factions. I’m sure both the United Colonies and Freestar Collective think they’re ‘making things better’ but that didn’t stop them from going to war.”
    • Option 2: “As long as the person getting hurt is someone else, that’s fine by me.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “You and I might agree there, but someone always comes along thinking there’s a better way. That they can ‘help.'”
        • The Hunter: “Take the United Colonies, or even the Freestar Collective. Both of them full of people trying to ‘make the Settled Systems better’ but that didn’t stop them from fighting each other.”
    • Option 3: “I’m just trying to get by as best I can.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Look a little harder at yourself. Space is a dangerous place. Even if you just defend yourself when someone pulls a gun on you, you’ve ruined someone’s day.”
        • The Hunter: “Eventually, someone will come along thinking that maybe space needs to be controlled Brought into ‘order.'”
        • The Hunter: “That’s what happened with the United Colonies. Even the Freesta Collective has rules. But that didn’t stop war from breaking out, did it?
    • Forced Dialogue:
      • The Hunter: “I guess that’s just the nature of things, isn’t it? People start by thinking they’re doing the right thing. And then your version of what’s right collides with someone else’s.”
    • Option 1: “Conflict isn’t inevitable. Peace and trade get brokered just as often as war does.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “But it doesn’t last. See, that’s my point. Even if everyone is benefiting, some people are benefiting more than others.”
        • The Hunter: “And then eventually someone thinks it’s time to re-balance the scales.”
    • Option 2: “That’s why you always need the upper hand. Even among friends.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Why even bother? You can play the game of power. Call it ‘leadership’, call it ‘righteousness’ but it’s all manipulation in the end.”
    • Option 3: “I’m not trying to push anything on anyone.”
      • Response:
        • The Hunter: “Someone will. That’s what I’m saying. If you want to hold on to living life your own way, then stay away from the do-gooders.”
    • Forced Dialogue:
      • The Hunter: “Better to just let people be. A single person achieving their ends is at least honest. Helping people is just another form of control.”
      • The Hunter: “Ah, there I go again. I was in danger of waxing philosophical last time, and now I’m knee-deep in it. I should stop while I’m ahead.”
      • The Hunter: “I’ll catch you around.”
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