The Finals Best Light build: Weapons, gadgets & specializations

Anastasios Antoniadis

The Finals

Embark Studios’ “The Finals” represents a significant leap in the evolution of first-person shooters, offering a blend of dynamic gameplay, strategic depth, and a visually stunning destructible environment. This game stands out by allowing players to choose from three distinct classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy, each tailored to suit different playstyles through unique hitbox sizes, health pools, and access to exclusive sets of weapons, gadgets, and specializations. This article delves into constructing the ultimate Light class builds, renowned for their agility and swift gameplay tactics, adapting to the ever-evolving meta post the December 15 patch which subtly reshaped the game’s balance.

The Light class is designed for players who value speed, maneuverability, and the element of surprise. Adept at hit-and-run tactics, Light class players excel in creating and exploiting opportunities with their quick movements and strategic positioning. This guide aims to arm you with the knowledge to construct a formidable Light build, optimizing your loadout for peak performance in the current game meta.

Best Light Build Loadouts in the Finals

Weapon of Choice: XP-54 Submachine Gun

Following the latest adjustments, the XP-54 has emerged as a powerhouse, ideal for the Light class’s rapid assault tactics. Its enhanced damage output lets players quickly eliminate targets, especially in close-quarters combat.


Grappling Hook: This specialization is a game-changer, granting unmatched vertical and horizontal mobility. It is essential for easily navigating the battlefield, enabling players to engage or disengage swiftly, catching opponents off-guard.


Gadgets are pivotal in augmenting the Light class’s strengths, offering various tactical advantages:

Breach ChargeVersatile for breaching defenses or creating new paths, enhancing strategic play.
Stun GunTemporarily incapacitates opponents, tipping the scales in your favor before combat even begins.
Vanishing BombProvides a strategic retreat or attack option by rendering you temporarily invisible.

Reserve Loadout: Preparedness for Every Scenario

A well-prepared reserve loadout ensures versatility, adapting to the fluid dynamics of “The Finals.”

V9S PistolA reliable secondary weapon with significant damage potential.
Goo GrenadeCreates temporary barriers, ideal for controlling enemy movement.
Frag GrenadeEffective for clearing tight spaces or dislodging entrenched enemies.
Motion SensorOffers valuable intel by revealing enemy positions, guiding tactical decisions.

Advanced Tactics and Recommendations

Weapon Alternatives: Consider the M11 for unparalleled close-range dominance or the SH1900 shotgun for its lethal damage in tight encounters.

Gadget Strategy: Prioritize the Breach Charge for its utility in both offense and defense. The Stun Gun is invaluable for its immediate impact on engagements, while the Vanishing Bomb offers an escape mechanism or an opportunity for a surprise attack.

Specialization Dynamics: While the Grappling Hook provides exceptional mobility, the Cloaking Device and Evasive Dash present alternative strategies for stealth and evasion, respectively. Tailor your choice to your playstyle and the tactical needs of the moment.

Understanding the intricacies of each map and mastering the Light class’s mobility can significantly enhance your effectiveness. Utilize the Grappling Hook to access vantage points, escape routes, and to flank enemies. The element of surprise is your greatest asset.

Adopt a hit-and-run approach, leveraging your mobility to engage enemies on your terms. Use gadgets strategically to disrupt enemy formations, isolate targets, or secure quick escapes. Your aim should be to outmaneuver and outsmart opponents, maximizing your class’s agility.


Crafting the perfect Light build in “The Finals” is both an art and a science. It requires a deep understanding of the class’s capabilities, a strategic mindset to leverage the available gadgets and specializations, and the skill to execute high-mobility maneuvers effectively. The recommendations provided serve as a foundation, but true mastery comes from experimenting with different loadouts, adapting to the evolving meta, and refining tactics based on personal playstyle and the competitive landscape.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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