The Company Cheats: All Cheat Codes

Anastasios Antoniadis

The Company Cheats Cheat Codes by Westane

In this post, you will find all “The Company” cheats & cheat codes. The Company by Westane is an open-ended text-heavy adventure game inspired by the Wandrer. The Company takes place in the universe created by Wandrer and his stories on the ASSTR database. The game is still in its early development phase and is mainly supported by Patreon memberships. Players can also join the game’s official Discord server for the latest news and updates from the developers.

If you are a fan of the Company and would like to cheat your way through the game, we have you covered with the complete list of The Company cheats & cheat codes. For more video game cheats, check our cheat code guides.

How to Use The Company Cheat Codes

The Company How to Enter Cheats

To enter the codes, you need to start a new game as a rerun (select “I have played this game before” on the opening screen) and then use the bar in the cheats section at the bottom of your screen while you pick up an employee’s file at the start of the game.

The Company Cheat Codes

Below, you will find all The Company cheat codes available. You can even enter multiple cheat codes at the same time by separating them with a space, e.g., GLITTERINGPRIZES WHORUNBARTERTOWN ZZTOP FASTPASS

Note that some cheat codes require a specific version of the game or higher to work.

Cheat CodeEffectVersion Required
10CCSOFTITSStart the game as BimboVersion 4.2+
BESTBOIBegin the game as SissyVersion 4.2+
JUSTINBAILEYEnable debug menu at bottom of the sidebarVersion 4.2+
FASTPASSTurns serum cooldowns to 1 dayVersion 4.1+
BLACKSHEEPWALLStart the game with 30x MCS-1, MCS-2, and MCS-3N/A
EMPERORSNEWCLOTHESStart the game wearing your Birthday SuitN/A
CHANELNUMBER5Start the game with John already turned into ChanelN/A
GLITTERINGPRIZESBegin your journey with $500,000N/A
IDCLIPBegin your journey with 9,999 days worth of control pillsN/A
WHORUNBARTERTOWNBegin the game with 5,000x all lab materialsN/A
XYZZYSPOONStart the gamer journey with 20 stamina (max)N/A
ZZTOPBegin your journey with all clothing and toys unlockedN/A
Anastasios Antoniadis
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