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If you are wondering whether That Crazy Adventure has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the link to the official That Crazy Adventure Trello and answers to all your FAQs.

That Crazy Adventure or TCA is a Roblox action RPG and fighting game inspired by the popular anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Pitfall Interactive created the game on 5/20/2022.

That Crazy Adventure Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official Pitfall Interactive community Discord Server for more information about the game.

That Crazy Adventure Twitter

There is no Twitter account for That Crazy Adventure at the moment.

Is there a That Crazy Adventure Wiki?

No, there is no That Crazy Adventure Wiki currently.

That Crazy Adventure Trello Link (TCA Trello)

Below, you will find the link to the official That Crazy Adventure Trello:

On That Crazy Adventure’s Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Game Information: Codes, Gameplay Information Controls, Private Server Commands, Menu, GUI, Levels, and Ranking.
  • Map Information: The game’s map and all available locations.
  • All Storyline Quests in TCA.
  • Every NPC in the game.
  • Every Boss/Enemy NPC in That Crazy Adventure.
  • Details about every item in the game.
  • All Stands available in the game.
  • Every Canon and Non-Canon Evolution Stand.
  • Specialties (Specs) guides: Vampire, Hamon, Gun Brickbattle.
  • Mode Specs and Stands.
  • A Coming Soon section.

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That Crazy Adventure Map

TCA Map Image Source: That Crazy Adventure Trello Board

That Crazy Adventure Trello FAQ

What is That Crazy Adventure (TCA)?

That Crazy Adventure is a Roblox JoJo game featuring Stands and Specialties that you can mix to get the best combat result. Mix and match to find the Specialty that best suits you, and create a build perfect for taking over the world.

How do items spawn?

Every minute, three items spawn with the specified spawn chance in each item tab.

That Crazy Adventure Controls Guide

-¼¶´ („): Blocking allows you to negate damage on specific attacks. Blocking for too long / blocking a move that’s too powerful will result in a block break, where you’re stunned for 3 seconds but can barrage out of stun after 2s. Blocking specific attacks at the right time will result in a parry, having the same effect as a block break on your opponent instead.

-¶ ¿²² ( ²š > ¶ ¿²²): Going into the menu (M or the button on the bottom right of your screen) and clicking “Skilltrees” allows you to customize how you’d like your character/stand/spec to be like. You can either be tanky or deal a lot of damage. You can dash fast but be low on health, etc.

-µ¶´ (²³   ±²³š): Pressing LeftAlt (Or whatever you have bound the key to) allows you to push yourself in the direction you are facing / what key you have pressed.

-¼¶´ (): Posing allows you to start healing by around 5 HP every 1 second, for the tradeoff of being unable to do anything while posing.

That Crazy Adventure Private Server Commands

This is a list of all commands a private server owner has access to.
;kick player bannedFromServer (true or false) reason
–Kicks player for the specified reason and whether or not they can rejoin

;tp player1 player2
–Teleports player1 to player2

;bring player
–Brings a player to you

;spawnDummy dummyName
–Spawns a dummy. View dummy names in

;smsg message
–Sends a message to everyone on the SERVER

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