Ghost of Tsushima Update 2.17 Patch Notes (2.017)

Ghost of Tsushima Patch Notes

Ghost of Tsushima update 2.17 (2.017.000) will soon roll out on PS4 and PS5. In the official Ghost of Tsushima 2.17 patch notes, the update included a new Custom Mode option for Platinum Survival, as well as updates to the crafting system. In addition to this, Ghost of Tsushima patch 2.17 (2.017) contains numerous bug …

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DBD Update 2.44 Patch Notes (New Killer Onryo)

DBD update 2.44 (5.006) is now available for download on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. According to the official DBD 2.44 patch notes, the latest update added a new Killer (The Onryō), a new survivor (Yoichi Asakawa), and gameplay and adjustment changes. Besides these features, the DBD patch 2.44 also includes some stability improvements. …

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Smite 12.07 Patch Notes (Smite 9.2 Bonus Update)

Smite Patch Notes

The Smite update 12.07 (Smite 9.2 Bonus Update) was released on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. In accordance with the official Smite 12.07 patch notes, the newest update includes various gameplay adjustments, fixes, and other improvements. Furthermore, Smite version 12.07 includes several other changes, fixes, and improvements. In a previous season update, Shiva – The …

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Download PS5 System Software Update 21.02- & Patch Notes

PlayStation 5 owners are now receiving a new software update 21.02- In accordance with the official patch notes, the latest PS5 firmware update 21.02- introduces some minor changes. An earlier major update added support for 3D audio through built-in TV speakers. Furthermore, it added M.2 SSD storage expansion, enabling PS5 players to store and play …

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PUBG Update 1.98 (v16.2) Patch Notes for PS4, PC & Xbox

PUBG Patch Notes

A new version of PUBG update 1.98 (v16.2) will be released soon for PS4, PC, and Xbox. According to the official patch notes, a new Tactical Gear and a Spotter Scope have been added to PUBG 1.98. In addition to this, PUBG console version 1.98 includes stability fixes. PUBG introduced a new vehicle (the Mountain …

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Skul The Hero Slayer Update 1.10 (v1.4.4) Patch Notes

Skul The Hero Slayer

Skul The Hero Slayer update 1.10 (1.4.4) is now available for PS4 and PC. According to the official Skul 1.10 patch notes, the update introduced a few minor changes. In addition, Skul 1.10 also fixes stability issues. Check out the details below. Fixed a bug where the minions did not inherit the player’s Crit Rate …

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Inscryption Kaycee’s Mod 0.30 Update Patch Notes

Inscryption Kaycee's

Inscryption Kaycee’s Mod 0.30 is now available for download on PC (Steam). Inscryption’s official patch notes indicate that the latest update contains localization changes, bug fixes, and enhancements. Prior to this update, several improvements were made to the quality of life. Today’s Inscryption patch 0.30 will address a few more ongoing issues. Inscryption 0.30 Patch …

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Project Zomboid Update 41.68 Patch Notes

Project Zomboid

For PC(Steam) players, Project Zomboid update 41.68 has been released. The latest update of Project Zomboid brings new changes, fixes, and improvements. Project Zomboid Patch 41.68 Notes – March 8, 2022 NEW – Added allow changing safehouse owner to players which are a member– Added extended server quit logging– Print ‘command entered via server console ( …

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Path of Exile (POE) PS4 Update 2.03 Patch Notes (3.17.2)

Path of Exile

[Path of Exile] POE updates 2.03 (3.17.1b) is now available to download for PS4 and Xbox One players. Check below for details on improvements and bug fixes PoE v2.03 brings to the table. Path of Exile v2.03 Fixes Console-specific notes: Fixed a crash that could occur when interacting with blight towers. Fixed a common crash …

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KurtzPel Update Patch Notes (Official)

A new KurtzPel update (February 23, 2022) is now available to download on PC (Steam). According to the official KurtzPel patch notes, the latest update added various system changes and gameplay improvements. KurtzPel February 23 Update System Change Rage Break function will be deleted. Now, you will be able to evade out of aerial combos …

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Marvels Avengers 1.60 Patch Notes (Update 2.2.4)

 Marvel’s Avengers update 1.60 (2.2.4) is now available on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. Several minor changes have been made to the game as part of the latest Avengers 1.60 patch notes. Besides this, Marvel Avengers version 1.60 also includes performance fixes. Marvel Avengers Update 1.60 Patch Notes (2.2.4) – February 22, 2021 Added …

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Cricket 22 Update 1.29 Patch Notes (1.000.029)

A new Cricket 22 update 1.29 (1.000.029) released on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. Accroding to the official Cricket 22 1.29 patch notes, the latest update added Big Xl Online League to online modes, retro uniforms to Australia, scoreboards to stadium creator, and more. Apart from this, today’s Cricket 22 version 1.29 also includes …

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