Best Discord music bots still working in March 2022

Best discord music bots

With Groovy and Rythm being the first Discord music bots to completely shut down after receiving legal notices from YouTube, in this guide we will present you with the best alternatives. You will find our list of the best Discord music bots that are still operating at the moment, with some of them still using …

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Discord strikethrough: How to strikethrough on Discord


In this Discord strikethrough guide, we will explain how you can easily strikethrough on Discord. Discord servers provide users with powerful capabilities, from Discord bots to audio chat and live streaming, but you will also find the basic text messaging you can expect on any communication platform. Users on Discord can use bold text, italics, …

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Rythm Bot is shutting down on September 15th, 2022

Rythm bot shuts down september 2021

Rythm Bot joined Groovy Bot as the next major Discord music bot to close after receiving a legal notice from YouTube. It’s happening again, as expected.  The Discord music bot Rythm, popular among many users, has ceased operations. In what we all expected, YouTube has requested that the second biggest Discord music bot close.  The …

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Discord PFP troubleshooting 2022: How to fix blurry Discord PFP

How to fix your blurry Discord PFP

Are you having trouble with your Discord PFP’s resolution? A recent Discord glitch causes users’ profile pictures to appear blurry and pixelated. So if your pfp for Discord appears blurry, we have the fix here for you. The issue becomes evident when you upload your profile picture on Discord from an iOS device, including iPhones …

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