Fight Friday Night Funkin Music

Fnf fighting mod is the best friday night funkin fight game, you should help pico and boyfriend fight against daddy and the mom. You should prof that you’re the best and beat all your enemies in friday night funkin fight battle. Choose Boyfriend or Pico and start to fight against enemies and during the battle …

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Papas Cupcakes Cooking Games

The rumor has it, your Cupcake Parlour is the best in town. New customers are coming in everyday and you need to keep it up to grow your business.Some orders are very specific and customized. Others will let your creativity get loose.You will be faced with new challenges everyday. The number one goal remain the …

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2 Dots Crazy Challenge

2 Dots Crazy Challenge is a simple but difficult game where you need to connect the same-colored dots vertically from both sides to win points, if you connect the colored dot with the wrong color you will lose and restart the game. touches and mouse tested in desktop computer win10 64 bits

Soldier Way 2

Soldier way is a great platform game. Control soldier in the jungle collect diamonds and medals, unlock the door and finished the levels. 6 levels, 4 differents enemies, use arrows for move, space for shoot or touch controlers for mobile devices. Enjoy! mouse fingers or keyboard

Cotton Candy Shop – Run Your Own Business

Every kid loves sweet cotton candies. A big candy shop is newly opened in the city. Do you want to be the manager of the shop and learn to make cotton candies? Follow the instructions and turn colorful sugar into cotton candies. Serve your customers with different flavors of cotton candies. Enlarge your business and …

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Bird trap

Make the little bird fly and don’t touch the traps. How far can you make it? Also, earn coins and buy new birds in the shop. Enjoy atmospheric sounds and graphics. Controls: mouse (left button), keyboard (space) or touch (mobile).