Merlin – Seer of Destiny [AFK Arena]

Merlin Seer of Destiny

Merlin – Seer of Destiny is a Dimensional Intelligence-based support hero and the second non-limited Dimensional Hero in AFK Arena after Arthur. Merlin will be introduced in Patch 1.66. Merlin – Seer of Destiny Faction: DimensionalType: IntelligenceClass: SupportRole: BufferRarity: Ascended Merlin Skills Destiny Foreseen Merlin foresees impending danger, allowing him to reduce the damage received …

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Battle of Blood Event & Warrior’s Glory Exchange Event [AFK Arena]

Battle of Blood & Warriors Glory AFK Arena

The AFK Arena summer festival continues and Lilith Games is now running the usual War of Wits type of event where you get hero cards and use them in the battle against other players. The event is called Battle of Blood and it rewards you with Beastly Pendants which you can exchange for rewards like …

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All the AFK Arena Heroes – Stats and Mechanics [Complete Heroes List 2022]

Heroes List Stats and Mechanics

AFK Arena heroes are divided into 7 factions, 5 classes, 3 types, and several roles. There is one exception to this rule: Legendary Tier heroes do not possess a class but have two roles, a primary and a secondary. Speaking of Legendary Tier, there are two hero tiers in AFK Arena: Ascended and Legendary. Legendary …

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