Soul War Trello Link, Wiki & Discord Invite Link

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If you are wondering whether Soul War has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the official Soul War Trello link and answers to all your FAQs! Soul War is an anime that will take you to the world of Bleach, where you can pick the path of a Soul Reaper, Vizard, Hollow, Arrancar, or Quincy to complete quests, fight enemies and bosses, and grow to become the strongest fighter.

Bleach Project 2 created the game, which is currently being revamped, on November 17th, 2020.

Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official Soul War Discord Server for more information about the game.

Soul War Wiki

You can follow this link to find the official Soul War wiki in Fandom. However, the main wiki page seems to be broken, but you can access the Races page.

Soul War Trello Link

Below, you will find the link to the official Soul War Trello:

On Soul War’s Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Game Information: Beginner’s Guide, Game Link, Discord Links, Controls, Codes.
  • All location maps in Soul War.
  • All Soul Reaper, Hollow, Arrancar, and Quincy variations, skills, and weapons.
  • Every Shikai, Bankai, Shunko, Ressurection, Volstanding, Kendo, Hakuda, and Speed move in Soul War.
  • Every Weapon and Weapon fighting style in the game: Bows, One Sword Type, and Two Swords Type.
  • Every NPC and Boss in the game.
  • All Arrancar and Vizard Masks

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How to become a Hollow in Soul War?

To become a Hollow, you must die to a Hollow as a Human. this is the relatively most straightforward path because you only need to die to get it.

How to become Arrancar in Soul War?

Arrancars are Menos+, meaning you need to be a Menos, Adjuhas, or a Vasto Lorde to become an Arrancar. There will be a skill in the skill tree that will allow you to evolve.

How to become a Trainee in Soul War?

To become a Trainee, you must be a Human and talk to the Soul Reaper NPC. The NPC either spawns in the town of houses or the hospital, so look around. You are faster than hollows, so you will outrun them.

How to become a Soul Reaper in Soul War?

To become a Soul Reaper, you must be a Trainee with Rank 5 or above. to obtain Rank 5, you must do quests at the quest board, which is near the gate.

How to become a Vizard in Soul War?

To become a Vizard, you need Soul Reaper and Rank 10. Talk to the Exile NPC in Katakura. After talking to the Exile, you will lose all Kido skills and are forced to do the Vizard Raid Boss to become a vizard.

How to become a Quincy in Soul War?

To become a Quincy, you spawn with it for a 10% chance.

Rank Unlocks

Shikai – Rank 10 Soul Reaper
Bankai – Rank 30 Soul Reaper
Voltstanding – Rank 30 Quincy
Ressurection – Rank 30 Arrancar
Vasto Rage – Rank 30 Vizard + 10% HP

What does each stat do?

Strength – Increases HP
Speed – Lowers CD of moves
Reiatsu – Increases maximum amount of Reiatsu

Soul War Controls

Controls (PC)
Q – Flashstep (Running) Dash (Walking)
E – Equip/Sheathe Sword
W+W – Sprint
V – Shikai Release (Soul Reaper Only)
B – Bankai Release/Vasto Rage (Soul Reaper/Vizard Only)
F – Block
F+M1 / Tap F – Parry
1-7 – Skills
R, T, Y – Skills
Z, X, C – Special Skills (Shikai)
` – Skill / Accessory Inventory
M – Menu
N – Meditate (Requires Shikai Unlocked)

What is the difference between One-sword and Two-sword type?

One Sword: These swords are meant for more speed-oriented gameplay. One Sword has a 95% chance of spawning on your character. You do less damage than two swords, but you are faster.

Two Swords: These swords are meant for more strength-oritented gameplay. Two Sword has a 5% chance of spawning on your character. You do more damage than One Sword, but you have less speed.

What is Trello?

Trello, a project management and collaboration tool, organizes your projects into boards. Trello is a collaboration tool that shows you in one glance what’s being done, who’s doing what, and where something’s at. Imagine a whiteboard with sticky notes. Each note is a task for you or your team. Imagine that each sticky note has photos, attachments from Salesforce or Jira, and documents. There is also a place for you to comment and collaborate. Imagine that you can now take your whiteboard with you wherever you go, on your smartphone, and access it from anywhere via the internet. That’s Trello!

Many Roblox developer groups, including Soul War’s ones, use Trello to provide guides, tutorials, tier lists, update logs, FAQs, and other information about Roblox games to players.
Anastasios Antoniadis