How to mod Google Snake menu on Chromebook 2022

Anastasios Antoniadis

In this guide, we will explain how to install the Google Snake mod menu bookmark on Google Chrome. Snake is one of the most played and recognized games, while Google’s variant is one of the most sought-after unblocked games at school. Most people have experienced Snake, as it has appeared on devices as old as the 2000’s Nokia phones and arcade consoles. Different versions of the game are now available online and as apps and the game remains extremely popular and of course very challenging.

Gamers owning a Chromebook, can easily play this game since Google has a browser version. However, you can also unlock a modded version of the game that unlocks all the custom menu icons available in Google’s Snake variant.

To play Google’s Snake you can head to

But now let’s see the required steps to unlock the full menu with custom icons in Snake.

How to mod the Google Snake menu on a school Chromebook

While the method should work on any web browser in we will showcase how to mod Snake on Google Chrome, since it is the most commonly used browser used in school Chromebooks.

  • First head to the game’s page and keep it open in a tab.
  • Next go to DarkSnakeGang’s GoogleSnakeCustomMenuStuff repo releases.
  • Download the “MoreMenu.html” file of the latest released.
  • You can select where to store the HTML file but it is typically saved in “C:\Users\(your username)\Downloads”.
  • Go back to your Google Chrome, on the Snake game’s tab, click the three dots on top right corner and select bookmarks on the menu that pops up.
Google Chrome bookmarks menu
  • This will bring up a submenu menu where you can select “Import bookmarks and settings…
Import bookmarks and settings chrome
  • You can now select “Bookmarks HTML File” from the dropdown menu.
Click Bookmarks HTML File
Google Chrome choose file to import bookmarks and settings
  • Next click “Choose file” which will bring up a new window of the Windows Explorer. Find “MoreMenu.html“, select it, and click Open.
Open "MoreMenu.html" in Windows Explorer
  • Now the bookmark has bee imported. Ideally, you can also select to show the bookmarks bar too.
Google chrome show bookmarks bar option
  • Click on “More Menu Stuff” on the bookmarks bar.
Click More Stuff Menu in the bookmarks bar
  • Now all the extra icon options in the menu are now unlocked, so you can click on the gear icon in the Snake Game and select any icons you can or use the dice icon to randomize your picks.
  • That’s it! You can now enjoy your modded snake version!

Snake Game mod menu video guide


What is the maximum score in Google Snake?

The maximum score you can hit on Google Snake is 252. The number represents the amount of apples you have collected your snake, with 252 being the max.

What is the Google Snake world record?

Players like BUNNY and other YouTubers have been able to hit 230+. There is even a video of a 252 score, however, it is unclear whether the game is at full speed or hacked.

How to beat Google Snake?

The basic recommendations to beat Google Snake are to stay on the edges for the most part and zig-zag around, as you can see in the image above. You can also have a look at the video tutorial by DragonBuster.
Anastasios Antoniadis
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