Should You Tell Hadrian About Her Father (UC Vanguard Questline)

Anastasios Antoniadis

The Unveiling of Franois Sanon: A Conundrum for Starfield Players.

Starfield has given gamers yet another universe to get lost in. Among the many fascinating story arcs is the UC Vanguard questline, which takes players on a rollercoaster ride through politics, espionage, and uncomfortable family revelations. One of the most tantalizing aspects is deciding whether to tell Hadrian Sanon the truth about her father, Franois Sanon, also known as Vae Victis. There are two different types of choices here:

  • The first choice type is to tell Hadrian that her father is alive. This one has no gameplay impact.
  • The second choice type is to tell Hadrian what her father has done, once you discover the truth about Ve Victis. This has a quite significant gameplay impact.

First Chance: War Relics

War Relics - Reveal the Truth

The “War Relics” mission is your first opportunity to spill the beans about Vae Victis to Hadrian. If you decide to let her in on the secret at this point, her reaction is relatively mild compared to other stages in the quest line. She will initially think you’re pulling her leg and even give you a chance to retract your statement. However, should you proceed, she reacts with contained anger, ultimately deciding to focus on the future rather than her father’s checkered past.

Hadrian’s Reaction Summary in “War Relics”:

  • Initial disbelief
  • Option to retract the statement
  • Focused anger towards the UC
  • Resolution to work for the betterment of the Settled Systems

Second Chance: Hostile Intelligence

The stakes get higher in the “Hostile Intelligence” mission, where you have not one but two chances to divulge the truth to Hadrian. The first one is when you listen to the emergency playback recording at the Security Office, while the second is when you return to Forward Base 441 to discuss your findings in Londinion.

By this stage, she’s developed a bitter animosity towards Vae Victis, blaming him for the devastation caused by the Terrormorphs. You’ll have the option to either continue lying about her father or reveal the unsettling reality.

Hadrian’s Reaction Summary in “Hostile Intelligence”:

  1. First Opportunity:
  • Initial disbelief
  • Opportunity to retract the statement
  • Accusation against Vae Victis
  • Acceptance and end of conversation
  1. Second Opportunity (via Percival):
  • Disbelief yet again
  • Opportunity to retract the statement
  • Anger followed by understanding and gratitude

The Point of No Return in “A Legacy Forged”

By the time you reach the “A Legacy Forged” mission, you can either show concrete proof of Vae Victis machinations or continue the charade. Unlike previous instances, the stakes are higher; Hadrian will take your revelation to the UC Cabinet, effectively sealing her fathers fate.

Hadrian’s Reaction Summary in “A Legacy Forged”:

  • Initial disbelief
  • Option to retract the statement
  • The decision to expose the truth to the Cabinet
  • Consequences if you lie but later confess to the Cabinet

The High Stakes of Disclosure: Vae Victis’ Fate

Telling the truth about Vae Victis isn’t just a plot twist; it has long-lasting gameplay ramifications. If the Cabinet is informed about Vae Victis through Hadrian, he will be executed, and you will no longer have the opportunity to complete his missions. These missions are often rewarding and result in large sums of XP and credits, potentially a significant loss for players.

Gameplay Impact Table – A Legacy Forged

Telling Hadrian the truthWhether Vae Victis is executed or spared is unclear, but you lose access to the Preventive Action missions
Keeping the secretContinued access to Preventive Action Vae Victis missions
Telling the CabinetSame as telling Hadrian, loss of future Vae Victis Preventive Action missions

Concluding Thoughts: To Tell or Not To Tell?

So, what’s it going to be? Will you expose the UC’s lies or protect your ability to complete Vae Victis’ rewarding missions? Either way, Starfield ensures that your choices matter, adding another layer of complexity and immersion to an engrossing game. Choose wisely, spacefarer.

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