Should You Kill or Spare Nicolaus Slayton in “All That Money Can Buy”

Anastasios Antoniadis

Should You Kill or Spare Nicolaus Slayton in All That Money Can Buy

Decisions, decisions. In the sixth main mission of Starfield, “All That Money Can Buy,” you’ll find yourself standing at a crossroads as you reach the top of Slayton Aerospace in Neon (Core).

Should you take the life of Nicolaus Slayton, the wily and manipulative Neon businessman, or let him walk free?

Verdict: Whether you kill or spare Slayton is completely irrelevant here in my opinion. The only thing that matters is that you loot everything inside his penthouse and office, as it can be sold for a ton of Credits. It is possible to do it while sneaking to avoid getting caught, but with Slayton out of the way it’s easier. So there you have it. Just ensure you steal everything here, because getting back to the penthouse is either hard or impossible. My only hope is an elevator shaft which needs a higher rank of Boost Pack Training to reach.

Sparing Slayton

An important note is that whatever you decide to do with Slayton won’t affect Musgrove’s fate. Sure, Slayton wants Musgrove dead, but you can ignore him and set the thief free or send him to jail. There is no need to let that affect you in this decision.

Sparing Slayton makes the most sense, as you can still loot everything inside his apartment and spare Musgrove. That’s the path I picked and the one I recommend morally. Yes, Slayton is bad, but we are not the nicest people either, as this mission proved. At the end of the day, Slayton just placed bounties on the heads of the Artifact’s thieves.

However, this is one more reason you should spare Slayton. Making a business proposal instead of killing him will give you access to the Slayton Aerospace SAL-6830 Engine, one of the best ship engines in Starfield, especially since it only requires two power pips to reach its maximum thrust, providing one of the best Thrust/PWR and MNVR Thrust/PWR rations. Even better, this engine has no level or Starship Design requirements. All you need is Piloting Rank 4 and a Class C reactor on your ship.

Finally, sparing Slayton makes your exit from Slayton Aerospace much easier.

Attacking Slayton

Should you opt for violence, prepare for a convoluted exit. Choosing guns blazing will necessitate fighting through a labyrinthine corporate building teeming with guards and traps. Not only does this make your journey out of Neon a combat-intensive ordeal, but it also risks drawing the ire of Constellation members and other factions. Remember, your actions reverberate in this expansive universe, and the game’s leading faction doesn’t look kindly on you tearing through civilian life like its just another level to beat.

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What You Can Loot From Nicolaus Slayton’s Penthouse

You can very easily loot the Industrial Crate (that’s not even stealing, while you can sneak behind Slayton’s Desk to open the Safe (containing Ammo, 702 Credits, and Hitman Professional’s Refined Sidestar for me) and steal the wine bottles in the wine cabinet, even with Slayton in the same room, without being noticed (I don’t know why that is, as I wasn’t even hidden). There is another room next to the office where Musgrove is found wounded, where you can easily steal the Contraband Cache (4x Harvested Organs and 4x Mech Components) and more wine bottles. Once again, you don’t need to kill Slayton to get all this loot.

What You Can Pickpocket from Slayton

Nicolaus Slayton PIckpocket Loot
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Finally, even if you spare Slayton, you can pickpocket him for around 977 Credits, a Refined Sidestar, and .27 Caliber ammo.

The Better of Both Worlds: Spare Slayton, Don’t Spare the Loot

Sparing Slayton to ensure an easy exit from the building but stealing everything in the penthouse is a great payback if that’s what you want. You should ensure that your Security skill Rank is 3+, as the Safe’s lock is Master Security Level, while the Contraband Chest’s lock is Expert Security Level. This location’s loot stash is possibly one of Starfield’s missable (or quite challenging to get back to).

Once you settle the Musgrove dilemma, Slayton will release your impounded ship, bringing the mission to a tidy close. Walter, a key figure in this chapter, also appreciates your peaceful resolution, reinforcing that cooler heads prevail in Starfield. Don’t be a killer, be a thief!

Anastasios Antoniadis