Shindo Life Tier List: Best Bloodlines, Elements & Shindo Storm Characters

Anastasios Antoniadis

Shindo Life Tier List Best Bloodlines, Elements & Shindo Storm Characters

In this post, you will find our Shindo Life tier lists. With so many aspects in the game, including different characters, bloodlines, elements, weapons, and abilities, it is hard to pick the best ones to come out on top in this Roblox fighting game.

For this reason, we have compiled tier lists for the best bloodlines, elements, and Shindo Storm characters in Shindo Life to help you get things going.

Shindo Life Bloodlines Tier List – Best Bloodlines in Shindo Life

What do Bloodlines do in Shindo Life?

Bloodlines are unique abilities in Shindo Life that give access to different powers derived from the Naruto anime. There are three types of Bloodlines: Eye Bloodlines, Clan Bloodlines, and Elemental Bloodlines. By obtaining a Bloodline, your character is granted new abilities and spells.

The more powerful the new abilities, the more influential the Bloodline is. This is why the Bloodline tier list is essential: Shindo Life players can select the best Bloodlines to power up their characters.

How to Obtain a Bloodline

Head to the Main Menu > Edit > Bloodlines to obtain a Bloodline.

Once the user is in the Bloodline menu, they will see 2 slots, each saying “click to spin”. A player can unlock two more Bloodline slots by purchasing “Bloodline Slot 3” and “Bloodline Slot 4“. Each extra bloodline slot costs 300 Robux.

To roll Bloodlines, spins are required. Each new player starts the game with 15 spins. Players can obtain more spins by using Shindo Life codes RellGames releases on Twitter & YouTube, completing daily missions, playing the Arena game mode, or from My Home.

Note that all bloodlines come with a rolling probability and the most powerful Bloodlines are usually the rarest ones. Every 80 spins, the player can obtain a guaranteed rare Bloodline, but that does not guarantee the super rare ones.

BloodlineTierTypeChance to GetMode(s)
RellS+Clan Bloodline0.01%1
Code-GaidenS+Clan Bloodline0.25%1
Borumaki-GaidenS+Clan Bloodline5.00%1
Borumaki-ShikiS+Clan Bloodline1.00%1
Kamaki-AkumaS+Eye Bloodline0.29%3
Kamaki-InfernoS+Eye Bloodline0.25%3
Raiden-SaberuS+Eye Bloodline2.29%1
Raiden-GoldS+Eye Bloodline0.25%1
AizdenS+Clan Bloodline2
Aizden-InverseS+Clan Bloodline0.20%2
Shindai-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.50%4
Ashura-ShizenSClan Bloodline0.29%1
Ashura-RubySClan Bloodline0.25%1
PowderSElemental Bloodline2.86%0
MinakazeSClan Bloodline0.40%2
Minakaze-RubySClan Bloodline0.25%2
Minakaze-AzureSClan Bloodline0.33%2
GetsugaSClan Bloodline1.11%1
Getsuga-BlackSClan Bloodline0.29%1
Raion-GaidenSEye Bloodline0.40%1
Sengoku-GaidenSEye Bloodline0.40%1
Tetsuo-KaijinSClan Bloodline0.29%1
Raion-RengokuSEye Bloodline0.50%2
Raion-SengokuSEye Bloodline0.33%2
Raion-AzureSEye Bloodline0.33%2
Indra-AkumaSEye Bloodline0.29%1
Indra-Akuma-PurpleSEye Bloodline0.25%1
Shindai-RengokuAEye Bloodline0.40%2
Shindai-Rengoku-YangAEye Bloodline0.33%2
Shindai-RamenAEye Bloodline0.33%2
SurgeAElemental Bloodline2.29%0
SnakeManAClan Bloodline0.40%1
SnakeMan-PlatinumAClan Bloodline0.25%1
Six-Paths-NarumakiAClan Bloodline0.50%2
Deva-RengokuAEye Bloodline1.67%1
Gura-RengokuAEye Bloodline0.33%1
Deva-SengokuAEye Bloodline0.50%1
Bruce-KenichiAClan Bloodline0.50%1
Ray-KeradaAClan Bloodline0.40%1
Ray-Kerada-YangAClan Bloodline0.25%1
Octo-InkAElemental Bloodline2.86%0
Light-JokeiAEye Bloodline0.50%3
Gold-JokeiAEye Bloodline0.40%3
Dark-JokeiAEye Bloodline0.50%3
MagmaAElemental Bloodline2.86%0
CrystalAElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Doku-TengokuBEye Bloodline0.40%1
Doku-ScorpionBEye Bloodline0.33%1
Bankai-AkumaBEye Bloodline1.00%4
RagnarBClan Bloodline0.50%1
Shiver-RagnarBClan Bloodline0.40%1
FumeBElemental Bloodline2.86%0
Head-LessBClan Bloodline2.50%1
RenshikiBEye Bloodline0.67%2
Renshiki-RubyBEye Bloodline0.33%2
Renshiki-GoldBEye Bloodline0.40%2
VengeanceBClan Bloodline0.33%1
Sun-KnightBClan Bloodline0.33%1
Doom-ShadoBClan Bloodline0.40%1
Satori-AkumaBEye Bloodline1.00%4
BorumakiBClan Bloodline0.50%2
Borumaki-GoldBClan Bloodline0.33%2
Eastwood-KorashiBClan Bloodline0.40%1
Shiver-AkumaBEye Bloodline1.00%4
Ryuji-KenichiBClan Bloodline0.50%2
FizzBElemental Bloodline2.86%0
Rune-KonchoBClan Bloodline0.50%1
Xeno-DokeiBEye Bloodline0.59%2
Xeno-AzureBEye Bloodline0.40%2
StrangeCClan Bloodline0.40%1
FateCClan Bloodline0.33%1
InfernoCElemental Bloodline1.25%0
Alphirama-ShizenCClan Bloodline0.50%1
Raion-AkumaCEye Bloodline0.83%4
Riser-AkumaCEye Bloodline0.71%4
VanhelsingCClan Bloodline1.67%1
KamakiCClan Bloodline0.59%3
Kamaki-AmethystCClan Bloodline0.33%3
AkumaCEye Bloodline1.33%7
KagokuCClan Bloodline0.33%1
Kagoku-PlatinumCClan Bloodline0.20%1
RengokuCEye Bloodline1%5
Obi-Ren-KengokuCEye Bloodline0.25%5
Apol-SandCElemental Bloodline2.86%0
NarumakiCClan Bloodline0.50%2
Narumaki-RubyCClan Bloodline0.33%2
Yang-NarumakiCClan Bloodline0.33%2
JinshikiCClan Bloodline0.50%0
Forged-RengokuCEye Bloodline7.69%1
Forged-SengokuCEye Bloodline0.40%1
Dio-SenkoCClan Bloodline0.67%2
Dio-Senko-RoseCClan Bloodline0.33%2
Dio-AzureCClan Bloodline0.40%2
SengokuCEye Bloodline0.50%3
Sengoku-InfernoCEye Bloodline0.25%3
TengokuCEye Bloodline0.67%1
Tengoku-PlatinumCEye Bloodline0.25%1
Sarachia-AkumaCEye Bloodline0.50%4
Sarachia-GoldCEye Bloodline0.33%4
JayramakiCClan Bloodline0.59%1
Jayramaki-AzureCClan Bloodline0.50%1
Odin-SaberuCClan Bloodline0.59%1
Satori-RengokuCEye Bloodline0.33%1
Satori-GoldCEye Bloodline0.25%1
Ghost-KorashiCClan Bloodline0.50%1
Inferno-KorashiCClan Bloodline0.33%1
HairCClan Bloodline0.71%1
Apollo-SandCElemental Bloodline2.00%1
TyphoonCElemental Bloodline0.95%0
Shiro-GlacierDClan Bloodline0.40%1
Zero-GlacierDClan Bloodline0.33%1
ScorchDElemental Bloodline3.13%0
SandDElemental Bloodline2.86%1
BloodDElemental Bloodline1.25%0
WebDElemental Bloodline0.83%0
Mecha-SpiritDClan Bloodline0.50%2
Rykan-ShizenDClan Bloodline0.67%2
ShizenDClan Bloodline1.00%2
KenichiDClan Bloodline0.67%2
Pika-SenkoDClan Bloodline0.56%1
SenkoDClan Bloodline2.22%1
NectarDClan Bloodline1.33%1
SaberuDClan Bloodline0.71%1
FrostDElemental Bloodline1.43%0
ExplosionDElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Bankai-InfernoDEye Bloodline0.40%1
Riser-InfernoDEye Bloodline0.33%1
EternalDClan Bloodline1.11%1
CobraDClan Bloodline0.59%1
Kabu-CobraDClan Bloodline0.50%1
JokeiDEye Bloodline1.00%3
Arahaki-JokeiDEye Bloodline0.50%3
Giovanni-ShizenDClan Bloodline0.63%2
Jotaro-ShizenDClan Bloodline0.50%2
DokeiDEye Bloodline2.86%2
TsunamiDElemental Bloodline1.25%0
VineDElemental Bloodline0.63%1
ShadoDClan Bloodline3.33%1
LavaDElemental Bloodline2.50%0
MudDElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Azim-SenkoFClan Bloodline0.77%1
Ashen-StormFElemental Bloodline0.67%1
KonchoFClan Bloodline1.43%1
DanganFClan Bloodline0.91%1
EmeraldFElemental Bloodline1.43%0
KaijinFClan Bloodline2.22%1
AtomicFElemental Bloodline2.50%0
KeradaFClan Bloodline1.43%1
GlacierFClan Bloodline2.50%1
SmokeFElemental Bloodline1.43%0
PaperFElemental Bloodline2.00%1
Black ShockFElemental Bloodline2.00%1
InkFElemental Bloodline0.83%1
SoundFElemental Bloodline2.00%0
WanziameFClan Bloodline2.50%1
ClayFElemental Bloodline1.33%1
StormFElemental Bloodline3.33%1
KokotsuFClan Bloodline2.86%1
MenzaFElemental Bloodline0.83%0
AzarashiFClan Bloodline1.82%2
OkamiFClan Bloodline1.43%1
BoltFElemental Bloodline2.50%0
SeishinFClan Bloodline0.77%1
BubbleFElemental Bloodline1.67%1
Variety-MudFElemental Bloodline1.11%0
MinakamiFClan Bloodline2.22%1
IceFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
Gold-SandFElemental Bloodline1.67%0
BoilFElemental Bloodline16.67%0
WoodFElemental Bloodline16.67%

Shindo Life Elements Tier List – Best Elements in Shindo Life

Each player can access two element slots by default, but you can purchase “Element Slot 3” and “Element Slot 4” for 150 Robux each. Elements dictate which types of ninjutsu the user can use, and the more rare the element, the more powerful it usually is. There are five common elements in Shindo Life and ten rare elements. We have them all ranked below in our element tier list to help you decide which ones to choose.

ElementTierChance to GetMax Level Ability

Shindo Storm Characters Tier List – Best Characters for Shindo Storm League

In Shindo Life Storm League, the player starts with two free characters. Then, you can unlock more by spending Ryo, which is also used to obtain sub-abilities, Bloodline moves, and Ninja Tools. Typically, the more expensive the character, the better they are in Shindo Storm mode. Check our tier list below for the best Shindo Storm characters ranked:

CharacterTier RankRyo Cost
Azim SenkoS2,300,000
Bankai AkumaS3,000,000
Ghost KorashiS3,000,000
Jiso SeishinS2,400,000
PTS DevaS3,500,000
Raion RengokuS4,000,000
Riser AkumaS2,200,000
Rykan ShizenS3,500,000
Ailee MinakamiA500,000
Apollo SabakuA1,400,000
Forged RengokuA3,000,000
Garin AtomicA1,700,000
Light JokeiA4,000,000
Odin SaberuA2,500,000
Pika SenkoA1,900,000
Satori AkumaA3,500,000
Shindai AkumaA5,000,000
Shiver AkumaA1,400,000
Xeno DokeiA3,200,000
Alphirama DanganB700,000
Bruce KenichiB2,300,000
Dio SenkoB1,250,000
Giovanni ShizenB2,200,000
Menza AzarashiB2,500,000
Ryuji KenichiB3,400,000
Arahaki JokeiC1,200,000
Deuce WanziameC850,000
Kabu CobraC2,600,000
Raion AkumaC2,200,000
Satoru OkamiC4,000,000
Ashen StormD1,400,000
PTS RaionFFree
Shiba GlacierF1,600,000


This concludes our tier list guide for Shindo Life Bloodlines, Elements, and Shindo Storm characters. Check the rest of our gaming tier lists if you are looking for the best characters, weapons, or other stuff to use in your favorite game.

Anastasios Antoniadis