RoCitizens codes: Free Candy, Cash & Trophies for February 2024

Anastasios Antoniadis

This guide will provide you with all the latest RoCitizens codes. RoCitizens is an online multiplayer video game on Roblox created by developer Firebrand1. It is a roleplaying real life simulator game, in which you get to be a citizen of a city that never stops developing. Complete quests for other citizens, customize your own home, socialize and much more!

This post contains all the active RoCitizens codes, which you can redeem for free coins, gems, happiness and many other awesome rewards!

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All RoCitizens Codes

Meta Game Guides provides the latest RoCitizens codes to redeem for free cash and other items for your citizen.

Below, you will find all the active and expired codes. Make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible as we don’t know their expiration date in most cases. Additionally, if any newly released codes don’t work, make sure to restart the game so that you are on a server with the latest game build.

New and Working RoCitizens codes

The list below shows all the currently available promo codes for RoCitizens:

  • partypooper: Redeem code for a Bathroom Boutiques Toilet Plunger
  • partytime: Redeem code for $1k Cash
  • headlesscodeman: Redeem code for 3,000 Candy
  • MILLION – Redeem code for $2,500 & a Trophy
  • goodneighbor – Redeem code for $2,500 and a trophy
  • sweettweets – Redeem code for Twitter Trophy and $2,500
  • code – Redeem code for $10
  • easteregg – Redeem code for $1,337
  • rosebud – Redeem code for $3,000
  • truefriend – Redeem code for $4,000
  • discordance: Redeem code for $3,500

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Expired RoCitizens codes

The codes below have already expired:

  • smokinghot: Redeem code for $1.5k Cash
  • valentines22: Redeem code for Cash and x3 Box of Chocolate
  • gifttoyou: Redeem code for Cash
  • happy2022: Redeem code for Cash
  • creepycode: Redeem code for Cash
  • headlesscodeman: Redeem code for 3K Candy
  • MILLION: Redeem code for $2,500 & Trophy
  • letsdosomelaundry: Redeem code for $5,000
  • xmas19: Redeem code for 3x Gifts & $3,000
  • rocitizens6th: Redeem code for Snowglobe & $6,000
  • 500million: Redeem code for $5,000 & Trophy
  • 20valentine: Redeem code for $4,000 & Crystal Rose
  • supdatember: Redeem code for $4,000
  • cantthinkofcodenames: Redeem code for $2,000
  • ilovefirebrand1: Redeem code for $4,000
  • xmasbonus: Redeem code for $1,500
  • bugsareannoying: Redeem code for $2,500
  • gimmegimmegimme: Redeem code for $750
  • allthemoola: Redeem code for $1,000
  • canigetahottub: Redeem code for a free Hot Tub
  • cornerpocket: Redeem code for a free Pool Table
  • ggpd: Redeem code for $10,000
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty: Redeem code for a free Sovereignty Computer
  • rainyday: Redeem code for $3,500
  • youwishyouhadafish: Redeem code for $1,500
  • ihaveafish: Redeem code for $1,000
  • coldhardcash: Redeem code for $3,500
  • alittlesomething: Redeem code for $4,000


How do I redeem RoCitizens codes?

Redeeming codes in RoCitizens is not difficult at all. You can do so immediately after launching the game.
Follow the steps below to redeem codes in the game:

1) Launch the game.
2) Once in the game, press the green shop button in the bottom-left corner of the screen, just above your minimap.
3) Scroll down the list of icons until you find the blue Twitter icon and click it.
4) Insert an active code from our list of working codes into the textbox.
5) Press the Enter button on your keyboard to redeem the code and claim your free rewards

Remember that it is best to copy and paste the codes to avoid mistakes. More importantly, redeem them as soon as possible as they expire fast.

What are RoCitizens Codes?

The developers of Firebrand1 release promo codes to celebrate the game’s massive popularity on the roblox platform. They usually come with updates and when likes milestones are achieved.

New RoCitizens codes could expire very soon, so make sure to check for them very often and redeem them whenever you can in order to get all the latest rewards and not miss out on the goodies!

Where to get RoCitizens codes?

The official RoCitizens Discord server is the best place to find new RoCitizens codes, which has more than 50,000 members. The Discord server is a great community hub that will allow you to interact with other players in the game’s community, find the latest game announcements, the complete update log, sneak peeks, and much more. Of course it is also a great place to find all the latest codes too.

You can also follow @playrocitizens, the game’s official account on Twitter.

Ideally, we recommend bookmarking this page by pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard or using the save bookmark button on your mobile device and returning to Meta Game Guides often, as we will always ensure that we provide the latest codes right on schedule.
Anastasios Antoniadis
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