Raging Seas Map: Level Requirements & World Locations

Anastasios Antoniadis

Raging Seas, a One Piece-inspired fighting game, is now available on Roblox. Raging seas players can explore new islands, fight pirates and bandits, and train to become stronger. You can also hunt for Devil Fruits and battle world bosses.

Exploration is made more difficult by the Raging Seas map’s level requirements. Laplace’s Demon has created a Raging Seas map that includes all the world bosses and level requirements.

Raging Seas Map
Image Source: Laplace’s Demon
  1. First Island: Level 0-45
  2. Second Island: Level 45-110
  3. Third Island: Level 110-175
  4. Fourth Island: Level 175-275
  5. Fifth Island: Level 275-400
  6. Sixth Island: Level 400-525
  7. Seventh Island: Level 525-675
  8. Eighth Island: Level 675-800

To keep up with the latest announcements and news, as well as maps, levels requirements, and boss locations, join the Discord server You might also be interested in the Raging seas codes and the rest of our Roblox guides.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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