Pull a Sword Codes: Free Pets & Potions for February 2024

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Pull a Sword Codes

Just as King Arthur famously drew Excalibur from stone, Roblox’s Pull a Sword game invites you to embark on a similar quest. Engage in an exhilarating challenge where extracting mighty swords from rocks expands your personal arsenal. The game’s auto-training feature accelerates your Strength gain and facilitates rebirths, enabling you to acquire increasingly formidable swords and climb the leaderboards. However, sometimes extra help is needed, and that’s where Pull a Sword codes come in.

Utilizing the codes listed below for Pull a Sword is highly beneficial, as they grant you powerful pets that boost your Strength accumulation and provide Win Potions to enhance your victories. Additionally, for those interested in exploring more games by the same developer, don’t miss out on our curated lists of Haze Piece codes, Shinobi Life 2 codes, and Blade Ball codes, for exclusive, time-sensitive rewards.

All Pull a Sword Codes

Below, you will find all the active and expired Pull a Sword codes. Remember to redeem the codes at your earliest convenience, as we don’t always know their exact expiration date. If new codes don’t work, try relaunching the game to ensure you are on a server with the latest game version and build.

  • SNOWEVENTPART3: Redeem code for a MEGA Potion (New)
  • NEWEVENTCODEA2: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • A39B2456BBBC: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • K123456789D: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • eventhalloween: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • halloweenluck: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • halloweenparty2023: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • HelpForYo23456: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • KingCode4321: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • KingCode1234: Redeem code for a Strength Boost
  • xFrozenDominus: Redeem code for a Frozen Dominus Pet
  • PotionCode4721: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • winpotion99995: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • xFrozenCodeB24: Redeem code for a Frozen B Pet
  • new21potion: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • xfrozencodea: Redeem code for a Frozen Pet
  • NewPotionCode248: Redeem code for a Strength Potion
  • ghostydog4: Redeem code for a Ghosty Dog Pet
  • likecat: Redeem code for a Like Cat Pet
  • likedog2: Redeem code for a Like Dog Pet
  • ytcode24690: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • newcode48: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • potioncode542: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • code492: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • code900: Redeem code for a Win Potion
  • ytopcode91: Redeem code for a uTube Broli Pet
  • twcode1: Redeem code for a Win Potion

Pull a Sword Twitter Codes (Working)

  • RELEASE: Redeem code for a Split Doggy Pet

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Pull a Sword Codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired codes for Roblox Pull a Sword.


How to Redeem Pull a Sword codes (YouTube codes)

How to Redeem Pull a Sword codes (YouTube Codes)
Image: xFrozen Obbys
  1. Start Pull a Sword on Roblox.
  2. Look for the “YouTube Codes” button, located on the right side of your screen.
  3. Type your YouTube codes into the “Enter Code” textbox provided.
  4. Press the “Verify” button to claim your complimentary reward.

How to Redeem Pull a Sword codes (Twitter codes)

How to Redeem Pull a Sword codes (Twitter Codes)
Image: xFrozen Obbys
  1. Open the Pull a Sword game on Roblox.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click on the “Twitter Codes” icon. Note that there are distinct buttons for YouTube and Twitter Codes – be sure to select the appropriate one.
  3. Accurately enter the code into the “Enter Code” textbox, ensuring it matches exactly as provided.
  4. Click the “Verify” button to claim your rewards.

Why are codes for Pull a Sword not working?

Here are some possible reasons for the codes not working:

  1. Incorrect Typing: It’s common to mistype codes. Ensure you enter the codes precisely as they are shown above to avoid any typing errors.
  2. Using the Wrong Redemption Button: Remember that Twitter codes should be redeemed using the specific Twitter code button, and the same applies to YouTube codes. Using the incorrect button will fail to redeem the code.
  3. Code Already Claimed: If you’ve used the code previously, it cannot be claimed again. Codes in Pull a Sword are designed for single use only.
  4. Expired Codes: Codes may have expired. If you suspect this is the case, please inform us in the comments section so we can update our list of active codes accordingly.

How to claim more free rewards in Pull a Sword?

  1. Daily Reward: Access your daily free reward by clicking the “Daily” button on the right side of the screen. This can be claimed once every day.
  2. Free OP Egg: After playing for 18 minutes, you can hatch a free OP Egg. Just click the “Spin” button on the screen’s upper right corner.
  3. Free OP Legendary Egg: Engage in the game for 25 minutes, and then click the event button on the right to hatch a free OP Legendary Egg.
  4. Time-Limited Rewards: Regularly claim freebies by clicking the gift icon on the right side of the screen, available every few minutes. Note that leaving the game or disconnecting will reset this progress.
  5. Free Pet Pack: After 45 minutes of gameplay, click the “Free Pet Pack” icon in the upper left to obtain a free OP Pet.
  6. Limited UGC: Occasionally, the developers release free Limited UGC items in the game, often in limited quantities. To acquire these exclusive items, click the corresponding icon on the left side of the screen and complete the necessary tasks.
  7. Join the Group: By liking the game and joining the developer’s xFrozen Obbys Group, you’ll receive a permanent +20% Strength bonus.

Where to Find More Codes for Pull a Sword?

To discover additional codes for the game “Roblox Pull a Sword,” consider following the game developer’s social media accounts, such as their Twitter/X (@xFrozenStudios) and the i2Perfect YouTube Channel, as well as joining the xFrozenStudios Discord Server. These platforms are often used by the developers to share new codes. Additionally, you can keep this page saved in your bookmarks; it will be frequently updated with the latest working codes, saving you the effort of searching for them independently.

What is Pull a Sword?

“Roblox Pull a Sword” is a game centered around automatic training, allowing players to enhance their Strength. This increased strength enables players to extract a variety of mighty swords from stones. The game features a rebirth mechanic for further strength enhancement, an expansive sword collection, the ability to hatch eggs for powerful pets, and the opportunity to acquire exclusive Limited UGCs. This laid-back game offers a distinctive and engaging concept for players to enjoy.

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