Project Slayers Mugen Train Dungeon Guide

Anastasios Antoniadis

Note that Mugen Train is meant to be the toughest Dungeon in Ouwohana, so don’t get discouraged if you struggle in it. The top 12 finishers of the season will be rewarded with a limited Weapon.

How to Join Mugen Train

Mugen train is located in Mugen Train Station And only requires a ticket that can be purchased from the Conductor for 5k Wen or 50 Robux.

How Mugen Train works: Dungeon Challenges

The Mugen Train Dungeon starts every XX:00

After you’re teleported, You and your crew must talk with Rengoku to begin the dungeon, A cutscene will trigger, and you will be in the first challenge.

Escape the Dream world

In this event, you must leave the dream world to do so. First, you escape the fake village then you will need to protect the dream core for 200 seconds.

If the core’s HP reaches 0, the mission will fail, and you will be teleported to the lobby.

Protect the sleeping civilians

You must protect the 25 civilians from the demons in this event for 300 seconds. If all the civilians die, the mission will fail you will be teleported to the lobby.

Fight enmu ontop of the train

This is where most dungeon attempts fail due to their high difficulty; try your best not to fall from the train if you do so, a cutscene will trigger.

You will need to play a clash minigame to survive; each time you fall, the minigame gets faster and harder. You must take Enmu to half hp to proceed to the next event.

Fight the flesh monster

A brutal fight that requires a lot of DPS, so you will have to rely on having a strong group due to the boss having 12,500 hp.

After beating the flesh monster, a cutscene will trigger, and another clash even will play whoever fails it instantly dies and won’t be able to go to the next event.

Fight Akaza

Akaza has hyper-armor, so you can’t inf combo him by attacking all at once, and he has a lot of block breaker skills dealing high damage. You have to get Akaza down to 5k hp to finish the dungeon, and after that, all you have to do is talk to Rengoku once again.

What rewards does Mugen Train give?

The dungeon’s final rewards are 4-5 Chests (Scales with people amount). One of the chests is guaranteed to have 1 drop from the old map (Map 1). ( Includes new Haories )

Anastasios Antoniadis
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