Postmates promo codes 2022: Get cashbacks & discounts

Anastasios Antoniadis

In this post, you will find Postmates promo codes for existing users that will help you save forever on Postmates. We will only provide Postmates promo codes to current users so that you won’t miss any new user promotions.

Postmates users can access some promo codes, but it is hard to find codes that work for existing customers. Promo codes are usually valid only for new customers. 

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List of Postmates promo codes 2022

The following Postmates promo codes are currently active. Some are limited to specific regions, so feel free to try them, but don’t count on them working every time. Note that all Postmates promo codes starting with “EATS” and “FOODLOVE” are personalized so they are definitely region-locked. They will only work if you are in the same region as the user that generated them.

Promo/Discount code for PostmatesPostmates Promo/Discount Code
$10 off sitewide100PROMO
Save $5 on your next 5 orders ($25 in total)5CREDIT
50% off for orders over $60FEAST
Extra $25 off food credit for referral + $100 delivery credits at PostmatesPHONE100
$12 for orders of $35 and moreEATUP
$20 off on your next order ($25 on Uber Eats)FOODLOVEP7Q
Free Delivery (Orders over $10, Maximum delivery fee credit $5.99)MYFAVMEAL
$10 Off First Order (Regardless of order cost)FOODMATES
$5 Off First 5 Orders (Orders over $15)FORBES5
$3 Off Any Order (Orders over $15)TIME4FOOD
$5 off on next orderHOTOUTSIDE
Works on orders of $10+FEEDMEPLS
$5 off 2 ordersFOODRIGHTNOW
Save $6 | Sitewide Orders (Orders over $25)Gimme6
Save $5 | Sitewide Orders (Orders over $30)Gimme5
Save $10 | Sitewide OrdersSAVENOW
Max $25 Off| All OrdersPC2RJ
Postmates promo codes and coupons list
Postmates Promo Codes for Existing Users

How to get Postmates promo codes

Your best bet to get more Postmates promo codes is Reddit. New codes are being posted on Postmates’ subreddit all the time. 

Reddit is always the best place to find Postmates promo codes since the list is user-generated and maintained.

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More ways to save on Postmates

Despite their potential to save you money, Postmates promo codes sometimes don’t work. 

Here are a few alternative ways to save money:

Postemates Unlimited

With a Postmates Unlimited membership, you can enjoy a 5% discount on every restaurant over $15 and grocery orders over $30, along with free delivery. You can also take advantage of exclusive deals, discounts, and giveaways.

As a result of the Uber Eats + Postmates partnership, you will also enjoy 10% off your first 3 Uber rides per month.

No Delivery Fee +5% OffMember-Only PerksBonus Partner OfferNo Commitment
Look for the icon to enjoy a $0 Delivery Fee plus +5% off restaurant orders over $15 and grocery orders over $30*Enjoy exclusive discounts, deals, giveaways, and moreTake 10% off your first 3 Uber rides each monthCancel your membership at any time no penalties, no fees

Postmates referral program: Refer a friend to Postmates

You can save money on Postmates by sharing your referral code or referral link with new users. 

If someone signs up for Postmates using your code or link, you’ll get free credits that you can use to offset delivery fees.

Choose “Invite Friends” from the menu by tapping the settings icon in the upper left corner of the app. 

You can send your referral link via text, email, tweet, or any other method.

Allow Postmates to send you Push Notifications.

Postmates occasionally offers special promotions to its existing users. For this reason, you may need to allow Postmates notifications not to miss any of the promotions Postmates offers to their existing users.

You can follow the steps below to enable Postemates push notifications:

  • Head to Settings > Notifications.
  • Select enable Push Notifications for both promotionsand announcements.

Take advantage of Postmates Party.

Postmates Party offers free delivery to a variety of restaurants. By sharing their deliveries, customers can save money using this method. When you cannot find any working Postmates promo codes for existing customers, this can save you money.

Postmates Party’s benefits

  • No delivery fees (regardless of order size)
  • No blitz pricing (valid in peak hours too)

How to use Postmates Party

  • Open the Postmates app
  • Tap the party button
  • Find out which restaurants are popular
  • You have five minutes to order for each Party
  • Enjoy free delivery


Does Postmates have promo codes?

Yes, there is a trend of Postmates promo codes coming out either by Postmates itself and its partners or by the users ordering from Postmates or Uber Eats. Customers can redeem the promo codes at checkout to receive discounts. Note that special terms and region-locking may apply.

How can I get free Postmates?

Typically you won’t be able to order anything for free but you will be able to receive significant discounts, especially on more expensive orders, with the right promo code.

Are the available Postmates promo codes real?

Yes, they are, at least for the most part, but since terms and conditions apply or the codes may be personalized on the user sharing them, they may not work for you. Additionally, Postmates promo codes have an expiration date, so if the code you tried did not work it may have expired.
Anastasios Antoniadis
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