Phoenix Reborn Event [AFK Arena]

Phoenix Reborn is a new upcoming, very exciting event where all players in AFK Arena do the daily quests to collect Fire Tokens and contribute towards the event progress bar and earn the rewards.

Let’s complete the quests and learn more about the upcoming brand-new Hero, Talene – The Resurging Flame.

  • Awakened Talene is a new hero, not a new growth system, nor is she an upgraded version of the existing Talene.
  • Awakened Talene will not replace the existing Talene. Instead she is a new hero has brand-new skill mechanics.
  • However, there is a connection Awakened Talene and old Talene can’t be on the same team, but they can be on different teams in multi-team fights.
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Image credit: AFK Arena

Phoenix Reborn Event

1. Event lasts for a total of 9 days. Players can contribute Fire Tokens to increase the global progress bar, and receive random rewards by doing so.

2. Players can acquire Fire Tokens from Daily Activity Chests before the progress bar for all servers reaches is full. Once the progress bar is completely full, players will no longer be able to acquire Fire Tokens the following day.

3. Information about the new hero can be gradually unlocked based on the progression of all servers. Additional rewards may also be claimed when the information is unlocked.

4. Remaining Fire Tokens will be recalled for 10k gold per token once the event has concluded.

Every day, each player is able to obtain 60  Fire Tokens, which equals to 6 contributions of 10 fire tokens. Do the contribution every day to receive a lot of valuable rewards!

Also, whenever the event progress bar reaches a new threshold, all players will receive the corresponding rewards.


The sole survivor of the Obsidian Finches, reborn of flame and bearing the vengeance of clan extinction. Take your flaming blade and seek vengeance, hunt down Hypogeans and become Esperia’s hero.

Enemies appear, leading a trail of destruction. The sight of her mother’s murder replays in her mind, she watches gripped by despair as the Solaris Flare is flickering out.

Thanks to Astar, she no longer feels fear. The purest flame rises up from the ashes, breaking through the gloom, and the last surviving Obsidian Finch descends born anew.

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