No FFVIII Remake in Sight as Final Fantasy 7 Trilogy Takes Its Toll

Anastasios Antoniadis


The ambitious task of remaking Final Fantasy 7 into a trilogy of modern, high-budget games appears to be a monumental undertaking for its director, Naoki Hamaguchi. In a candid conversation with IGN, alongside Final Fantasy 8 director Yoshinori Kitase, the prospect of reimagining FF8 in a similar vein was met with a less than enthusiastic response from Hamaguchi.

Hamaguchi, evidently feeling the pressure from the ongoing FF7 remake project, humorously remarked that should Kitase propose embarking on a remake of another numbered Final Fantasy game post-FF7 trilogy, his immediate response would be a definitive “No!” This reaction underscores the immense challenge and resource commitment required to modernize these classic RPGs for today’s gaming landscape.

Kitase, who helmed FF8’s original release in 1999, echoed Hamaguchi’s sentiments, highlighting the daunting task of replicating the vast content of yesteryears’ RPGs with current technology and standards. This daunting reality casts a shadow over the prospect of a FF8 remake, whether led by Hamaguchi or another developer, suggesting that such a project is unlikely to materialize anytime soon.

Despite the apparent reluctance to dive into another massive remake, Kitase harbors ideas for revamping FF8, should the opportunity arise. He expressed a desire to overhaul the game’s battle system, particularly its Junction system. This unique mechanic, which involves assigning abilities from Guardian Forces to characters’ stats, was innovative but perplexing for some players. Kitase is keen on reworking this system to achieve a better balance of difficulty and accessibility, indicating a thoughtful approach to hypothetical future projects. However, the significant commitment required to produce modern remakes of such intricate titles means fans might have to wait longer for any potential reimagining of FF8, if it happens at all.

Kitase’s insights and Hamaguchi’s reluctance highlight the careful consideration and immense effort behind bringing beloved Final Fantasy titles into the modern gaming era. While the idea of a FF8 remake is tantalizing, the focus remains on completing the FF7 trilogy, ensuring it meets the high expectations of fans and preserves the legacy of the iconic series.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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