Where to Find Katana in Anime Champions Simulator

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Where to Find Katana in Anime Champions Simulator

In the Anime Champion Simulator, one of the thrilling challenges you’ll encounter within the “Are You Human?” questline is facing off with Katana on a train. This formidable foe has established a stronghold near an orb, marking it as the most daunting adversary on the Sawblade City Planet. To aid you in your quest, we’ll guide you through the steps to locate Katana and ultimately conquer the questline’s final challenge.

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Where is Katana in ACS (Sawblade City – Are You Human? Questline)

Step by step guide on how to get to Katana
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Go to the Sawblade City planet to locate the Katana in ACS and follow the path down from the spawn point until you reach the Devil NPC in the area where you fight Bats and Enraged Bats to save Meowy. The first image I’m showing is from the hill overlooking the location. From there, take the long road ahead of you until you reach the skyscraper with the yellow windows.

Now take the turn left at the junction and then follow the road right to reach the police station. The entrance to the police station serves as a portal that will bring you head to head with the fearsome Katana boss.

Katana Boss Anime Champions Simulator
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Not only is Katana the most formidable opponent in Sawblade City, but after defeating him, it is unlikely that you’ll need to face this mighty adversary again, which is great news, as he comes with a mindblowing 40B HP.

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