Is Elden Ring early access for Xbox gamers possible?

Anastasios Antoniadis

FromSoftware has now announced the global release dates for Elden Ring’s release on Friday 25th. You will see in the infographic below Elden Ring will be available simultaneously worldwide, regardless of the time zone for PC users. The upcoming action RPG masterpiece.

Elden Ring Global Release Times
Image Credit: FromSoftware

Console gamers will still enjoy the game at midnight local. You can play the game no matter where you are or what your console says you are.

In cases such as Elden Ring’s, it is possible to play a game for up to 20 hours after it launches (if you live on the US West coast).

This is precisely how you can also access tomorrow’s Wordle quiz earlier, which resets at midnight local time.

How to early access Elden Ring on Xbox

You can theoretically play the game if you go to your system settings and press language and location. It has been proven to work in other games, so it should theoretically work with Elden Ring. 

If you are a European, you can expect to play Elden Ring 12 hours sooner if your game is started before midnight in NZ. This method is also available in the US, which you can obtain 18-20 hours sooner. 

PlayStation users don’t have this feature, so they must wait until midnight local time.

There is no other way to play Elden Ring earlier than this. Although you might be among those who get their preorders through the mail early, it allows you to play Elden Ring before Day 1 patches. 

Your experience will likely be shaky as Day 1 patches often fix any pre-launch problems. You can decide what you want.

Anastasios Antoniadis