How to Unlock Theurgies in Persona 3 Reload & All Characters’ Theurgies

Anastasios Antoniadis

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Persona 3 Reload introduces a groundbreaking feature to the beloved series: Theurgy skills or Fusion Spells. This new mechanic adds a fresh layer of strategy and depth to the game’s combat, allowing players to unleash devastating attacks that can turn the tide of battle. As players navigate through the dark corridors of Tartarus and the complexities of their daily lives, understanding and mastering Theurgy becomes crucial.

Theurgy is a powerful mechanic unique to each character in the game, unlocked on June 13th. It represents a potent skill set that characters can access by loading a special cartridge into their Evokers, summoning their Personas to perform epic ultimate attacks. These Theurgy attacks require a fully charged Theurgy gauge, which, interestingly, fills up differently for each character, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

Charging the Theurgy Gauge

The Theurgy attack gauge, displayed alongside each character’s health in the battle UI, is key to unleashing these powerful skills. It’s charged through various actions in combat, specific to each character, and once full, can be activated by navigating to the Theurgy menu. This introduces a strategic element to combat, as players must decide how best to fill their gauges and when to deploy these potent abilities.

Every character’s Theurgy attack in Persona 3 Reload

Each member of Persona 3 Reload’s cast has a primary and secondary Theurgy attack, each with unique charging mechanisms and effects. From Yukari Takeba’s wind-based Cyclone Arrow to Aigis’s devastating Orgia Mode, the variety and strategic depth these attacks bring to combat are unparalleled. Whether it’s utilizing Fuuka Yamagishi’s supportive Oracle or charging into battle with Shinjiro Aragaki’s Bleeding Fury, mastering these Theurgy attacks is essential for navigating the challenges of Persona 3 Reload.

Here’s every character’s Theurgy attack, and how to charge each of them.

CharacterTheurgy Attack(s)How to Charge Theurgy Gauge
Yukari TakebaCyclone Arrow (Io): Severe Wind damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances.<br>Tranquility (Isis): Party-wide buff for next magic attack power.Use Healing Skills
Junpei IoriHack n’ Blast (Hermes): 5 weak hits followed by stronger 6th and 7th hits.<br>Blaze of Life (Trismegistus): Massive Fire damage and heals Junpei.Landing critical hits
Mitsuru KirijoBlizzard Edge (Penthesilea): Severe Ice damage, may Freeze.<br>Blade of Execution (Artemisia): Massive Almighty damage, decreases stats.Inflicting/receiving Debuff Skill
Akihiko SanadaLightning Spike (Polydeuces): Heavy Electric damage to all foes, may Shock.<br>Electric Onslaught (Caeser): Severe Electric damage, high chance of Shock.Using Support Skill on himself
Fuuka Yamagishi (Navi)Oracle (Lucia): Random positive effect on allies.<br>Revelation (Juno): Random enhanced positive effect on allies.Randomly in battle
AigisOrgia Mode (Palladion): Heavy Pierce damage to all foes, uses random attacks for three turns.<br>Maximum Firepower (Athena): Severe Pierce damage to 1 foe.Using Physical Skills
KoromaruHound of Hades (Cerberus): Severe Dark damage to 1 foe.<br>Power Howling (Cerberus): Party-wide buff for next physical attack power.Charges each turn, faster when SP < half
Ken AmadaDivine Retribution (Nemesis): Severe Light damage to 1 foe.<br>Divine Intervention (Kala-Nemi): Revives and fully restores HP for all allies, grants 1-time reflect shield.Charges each turn, faster when SP < half
Shinjiro AragakiBleeding Fury (Castor): Severe Strike damage to 1 foe, ignoring resistances.Charges each turn, faster when SP < half

The Protagonist’s Unique Arsenal: Theurgy Fusions

While each character boasts their own unique Theurgy attack, the protagonist stands out with access to a wide array of Theurgy skills known as Theurgy Fusions. These skills, which merge two Personas to perform a formidable ultimate attack, offer a vast range of tactical options. Different fusion possibilities are possible after venturing into Tartarus and exploring The Velvet Room.

Theurgy Fusion SpellHow to UnlockEffect
ArmageddonFuse Satan and HelelDeals ultimate Almighty damage to all foes, and reduces your HP and SP to 1.
Best FriendsFuse Forneus and DecarabiaApplies Rakukaja, Tarukaja, and Sukukaja on one ally.
CadenzaFuse Orpheus and AsparasRestores 50% HP and raises evasion of the whole party.
Jack BrothersFuse Jack Frost and Jack-O-LanternDeals medium Almighty damage to all foes, 50% chance of knocking them down.
King and IFuse Black Frost and King FrostDeals medium Ice damage to all foes with a 50% chance of inflicting Freeze.
Scarlet HavocFuse Siegfried and MithrasDeals severe Slash damage to all foes.
TricksterFuse Loki and Susano-OInflicts random ailments on all foes.


Persona 3 Reload’s Theurgy mechanic is a game-changer, introducing a new level of tactical gameplay and character depth. As players work to charge their Theurgy gauges and unlock the full potential of their party’s abilities, they’ll find these skills indispensable in their quest to unravel the mysteries of Tartarus and the Dark Hour. With each character’s unique Theurgy attacks and the protagonist’s extensive range of Theurgy Fusions, the possibilities for combat strategy are nearly endless. Mastering these skills will not only enhance the gaming experience but also bring players one step closer to conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

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