How to Unlock Cell D-02-106 at The Lock

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Unlock Cell D 02 106 at The Lock

For Starfield players who’ve embarked on the Echoes of the Past mission (the third faction mission for the Crimson Fleet), unlocking cell D-02-106 in the Lock on Suvorov is hard to resist. This hidden cache offers a weapon of varying rarity, ammunition, and various other goodies perfect for your spacefaring escapades.

However, unlocking this mysterious cell is not straightforward; it requires finding a switch in the Security room of Section 02 to deactivate the electronic doors in the area. But fret not, for we’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you open cell D-02-106 without breaking a sweat.

How to Get to Cell D-02-106 at The Lock

D-Block Guard Post Workstation
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Locate the Cache in Cell D-02-106” is an optional objective during the Echoes of the Past mission. It is revealed to players as they search the Prisoner Records at the D-Block Guard Post Workstation. Even though your main objective is to “Search Kryx’s Cell for Information,” it’s worth unlocking both Section 01 and Section 02 cells for extra loot.

Here is how to reach Cell D-02-106.

  1. Locate Section 2: Follow the blue objective maker leading to the prison cell cache. Use your boostpack to navigate the broken walkway, landing you directly in Section 2 of the prison.
  2. Identify the Cell: In Section 2, look for cell names starting with “D-02-…”. Cell D-02-106 will stand out because it can’t be opened with a Digipick. You’ll need to find a security switch to open it.

How to Find the Hidden Switch to Open Cell D-02-106

Locate the Cache in Cell D-02-106 - Reach Security Room - Echoes of the Past
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

The steps below will guide you straight from cell D-02-106 to the Security room, where the switch to open all cells in Section 02 is:

  1. Exit Section 2: Walk out of the Section 2 cell area by going up the stairs in the first picture.
  2. Locate the Shower Room and Kitchen Doors: Once you reach the top of the stairs, you can jump down to your left. This is where the Shower room is (keep this in mind for a follow-up objective during Echoes of the Past)
  3. Ascend the Nearby Stairs: Head up the stairs shown in the second picture to reach the Kitchen room. Make sure to explore it and take all the loot.
  4. Enter the Security Room: Return to the stairs and head to the next level. You will find the entrance to the Security room.
  5. Activate the D-Block Section 02 Cell Release Switch: Click the switch next to the broken Intercom device to unlock the door to cell D-02-106 and all other cell doors in Section 02. There is also a Weapon Rack to loot nearby. D-Block Section 02 Cell Release Switch

Claim Your Loot: What’s Inside the Weapon Cache in Cell D-02-106?

D-Block Section 02 Weapon Cache Loot
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Now you can head back to Cell D-02-106, loot the Weapon Cache, and everything else inside it.

  1. Grab Your Rewards: Inside the cell, you’ll find:
    • A Weapon of varying type and rarity: I got a Furious Assasin’s Beowulf (Rare). I think it’s worth saving and reloading the game a few times before you open the Weapon Cache, as you may get a better weapon.
    • Ammo for the Weapon you found
    • Fragmentation Mine
    • Cryo Mine
    • Various ammo types
    • Two Digipicks
    • Two Cutters

The cutters might not be very useful since you should already have one, but the rest of the loot is worth your while.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking cell D-02-106 in the Lock on Suvorov during the Echoes of the Past mission in Starfield is an optional yet rewarding challenge. The cache provides various weapons, ammunition, and other items that will undoubtedly aid you in your cosmic endeavors. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and unlock that hidden cache!

Anastasios Antoniadis