How to Reroll Your Clan in Project Slayers?

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How to Reroll Your Clan in Project Slayers

Clans are a big part of Project Slayers and they can make a difference early on as they provide stat buffs and abilities that can be really valuable even after you learn Breathing or BDA. We have compiled a Project Slayers Clans Tier List and Wiki that will help you identify which clans you should be aiming for when you reroll, however, initially you will be assigned a random Clan once you create a character.

In most cases, this would be a common, uncommon, or rare clan that you would want to get rid of right away using Clan spins. To this point, don’t forget to check for the latest Project Slayers codes for some extra free Clan spins while you are here!

However, how can you reroll your Clan once you have some Clan Spins? Let’s find out!

Projects Slayers Clan Reroll Guide

How to Reroll Your Clan in Project Slayers
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Contrary to rerolling your BDA using Demon Arts Spins, there is no NPC in the game to reroll your spins. Instead, you must follow the steps below to reroll your Clan.

  1. First, launch Project Slayers
  2. Next, select your character data slot.
  3. Once in the main menu use the on-screen up and down arrows to select Customize and click it to open the customization menu.
  4. At the bottom right corner of the customization menu you will see your clan and and its perks, along with a Spin button.
  5. Press the Spin button to reroll your Clan.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you roll for a desirable clan or run out of Clan spins.

Now it make take a while until you roll for a good clan but thankfully promo codes keep coming out, so you should have plenty of spins to try to get a Legendary, Mythic or Supreme clan. I stopped once I got a Legendary clan, but I will definitely roll again to try to get a Mythic or the Supreme one once I get above 100 spins.


This is everything you need to know about Clan Reroll in Project Slayers.

While you are here, don’t forget to check our Blood Demon Art Tier List and Breathing Tier List to properly set up your character for success in the game! We also have guides on how to get Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Insect Breathing, or Wind Breathing.

Also check our Project Slayers locations map for every NPC, Questgiver, and Boss location in the game.

Finally, note that a private server will make your life easier while leveling up.

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