How to Rebirth in Pet Simulator 99 & Rebirth Rewards

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Pet Simulator 99 Rebirth

Pet Simulator 99 (PS99) transcends the boundaries of a mere game; it’s an expedition into a realm teeming with endearing pets and heart-pounding quests. Those seasoned in Pet Simulator X will find PS99 a nostalgic nod laced with novel exhilaration. Among the game’s most fascinating features is the ‘Rebirth‘ mechanism, common to many Roblox simulator games. Rebirthing allows players to start from scratch with stronger pets, newly unlocked skills, and other rewards.

How to Rebirth in Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, you can rebirth every 25 levels to get your first rebirth in Area 25, Tiki, and your second rebirth in Area 50, Fire Dojo. You can only rebirth twice, but more rebirths will become available as new areas are added to PS99. To rebirth, you must interact with the Rebirth Statue in the area. You can do so only once for each statue, as every time you rebirth, the statue gets deactivated.

Rebirth Rewards

Each time you rebirth, your coins and areas will reset. You keep everything else, including your pets!

Rebirth 1 Rewards (World 25 – Tiki)

Rebirth One Tiki
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides
  • Teleport: Travel anywhere by portable cannon!
  • Strength: Pets are 75% stronger, permanently!
  • Castle Key: Access to Trading Plaza, Spinny Wheel, and more!
  • Rewards: A bunch of rewards.

Rebirth 2 Rewards (World 50 – Fire Dojo)

Rebirth Two Fire Dojo
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides
  • Clans: Join clans and earn clan rewards!
  • Auto Hatch: Hatch eggs faster!
  • Strength: Pets are 75% stronger, permanently!
  • Active Huge Pets: Can hatch huge pets!
  • Rewards: A bunch of rewards!
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