How to Heat or Cool Your Egg Incubators in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Accelerating incubation time with a heater for Rocky egg

Embarking on the adventure of breeding and discovering Pals in Palworld is a fascinating endeavor. Especially when you have to incubate eggs to discover rare Pals. These Pals are usually encountered in the game’s later stages. This guide will help you understand the nuances of managing egg incubation temperatures. By doing so, you can optimize the hatching process and efficiently welcome new Pals to your team.

How to Build an Egg Incubator

Before the magic of incubation begins, constructing an Egg Incubator is essential. This journey starts at level seven in your Technology menu, where you’ll venture into acquiring an Egg Incubator. This unique piece of technology stands out as it necessitates an Ancient Technology point, achievable by conquering bosses scattered across Palworld. Upon securing this point, gather the requisite materials to assemble your Incubator:

  • 5x Paldium Fragment
  • 5x Cloth
  • 30x Stone
  • 2x Ancient Civilization Parts
Ancient Technology Egg Incubator
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Once you have gathered these materials, build your Incubator and prepare to place your first egg inside, setting the stage for a new Pal to emerge at level one.

Controlling Egg Temperature for Optimal Incubation

Temperature management is crucial once your egg is nestled within the Incubator. You’ll find your egg in one of three states: comfortable, too cold, or too warm. Addressing the egg’s temperature needs ensures a swift and successful incubation.

Warming Up Cold Eggs

A nearby campfire or heater will provide the necessary warmth if your egg is too cold. A campfire, readily accessible early in the game, offers a simple solution. For those needing more intense heat, a heater becomes an option at level 17. Crafting a heater requires:

  • 20x Ingot
  • 10x Charcoal
  • 5x Flame Organ
Heater recipe
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

The Electric Heater is also unlocked at Level 41, which has imported range and heating capabilities. Crafting an Electric Heater requires:

  • 30x Refined Ingot
  • 10x Circuit Board
  • 30x Ingot
  • 10x Flame Organ
Electric Heater recipe
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Positioning your chosen heat source close to the egg will create an ideal, comfortable environment, promoting incubation efficiency.

Cooling Down Warm Eggs

Conversely, cooling mechanisms come into play if your egg is overly warm. Upon reaching level 18, you unlock the ability to construct a cooler using:

  • 20x Ingot
  • 20x Stone
  • 5x Ice Organ

Strategically placing the cooler near your Incubator will reduce the egg’s temperature to a more suitable level. For improved capabilities and range, you can build an Electric Heater:

  • 30x Refined Ingot
  • 10x Circuit Board
  • 30x Ingot
  • 10x Ice Organ
Electric Cooler recipe
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

How Eggs and Temperatures Work in Palworld

Ambient Temperature Indicator Palworld
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Palworld features a variety of eggs, each with specific incubation temperature needs. These requirements can vary greatly depending on the egg type and the ambient environment, requiring you to build different temperature zones in your base to optimize the incubation time of the various eggs. Whether in a neutral temperature zone, a chilly snowscape, or a scorching desert, adapting to the surroundings and time of day is vital for successful egg incubation.

Below is a quick reference guide for each egg type and its ideal temperature setting:

  • Common Egg, Electric Egg, Verdant Egg: Normal
  • Dark Egg, Damp Egg: Cold
  • Dragon Egg, Rocky Egg: Very Hot
  • Frozen Egg: Very Cold
  • Scorching Egg: Hot

Note: The size of the egg does not influence its temperature needs.

Mastering the art of egg incubation in Palworld is a rewarding experience that enhances your journey through this captivating world. By carefully managing temperatures and constructing the necessary equipment, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a diverse array of Pals, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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