How to Get to Vulture’s Roost in Jaffa and Get the Dagger

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Vulture’s Roost in Starfield’s Jaffa system presents a formidable challenge for players around level 35, but they will be reward with plenty of Contraband and a new Dagger ship.

How to Get to Vulture's Roost in Jaffa and Get the Dagger

Ready to add another ship to your Starfield fleet? In Starfield, players encounter the formidable Ecliptic Mercenaries, a significant enemy faction notorious for their aggressive tactics. The Ecliptics roam the Settled Systems, seizing control of remote outposts with a philosophy of shooting first without pausing for inquiries. You may also encounter them in quests like Cydonia’s Start-Up Stopped, where you can rescue Erick Von Price and recruit him.

As adventurers traverse various planets and complete Mission Board quests, they may encounter Ecliptic bases, which offer the potential to discover intriguing clues upon being cleared. Among these is a Data Slate reference to a mysterious location called Vulture’s Roost. Uncovering this information is classified as an Activity rather than a formal Mission within the game.

However, the rewards awaiting those who venture to locate Vulture’s Roost are substantial, making the endeavor highly rewarding as you can get a new ship, the Dagger. This twist adds exciting exploration and discovery to the game as players seek hidden treasures amidst their interstellar journey.

Dagger ship Starfield
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Where to Find Vulture’s Roost

How to get to the Jaffa system in Starfield
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Vulture’s Roost, an intriguing hostile Starfield location, is in the Jaffa star system. This system is centrally located on the star map, conveniently near Porrima, renowned as the gateway to Paradiso. Jaffa, a Level 35 system, poses a substantial challenge, particularly as the enemies encountered at the base are well-suited to test the mettle of a Level 35 character.

Players aiming to uncover the secrets of Vulture’s Roost should set their course for Jaffa IV. Despite its appearance as a typical mining colony, Vulture’s Roost stands out with its distinctive name. It’s noteworthy that Jaffa IV and Vulture’s Roost are accessible to players regardless of whether they have received an Ecliptic message, so you don’t have to wait for the Data Slate that enables the respective activity.

However, a word of advice for intrepid explorers: before embarking on a journey to Vulture’s Roost, acquiring the Security Rank 3 or even Rank 4 and stocking up on digipicks is highly recommended. The most valuable treasures within the base are securely locked, requiring proficient skill in Master Security Level lockpicking. This preparatory step is crucial for those who aim to explore and reap the rewards of Vulture’s Roost fully.

Landing on Vulture’s Roost

Vulture's Roost Landing Pad
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Upon arriving at Vulture’s Roost in Starfield, players will find their ship docking at a landing pad on the complex’s perimeter. The action starts immediately, with each sector of Vulture’s Roost densely populated by hostile Ecliptic Mercenaries, ready to engage in combat.

The initial area of the complex, while not particularly rich in high-value equipment, offers an assortment of loot and crafting materials typical of a base in a Level 35 system. Players must thoroughly explore the lower level, scouring shipping containers and habitation units, before advancing to the upper level.

Players can explore the surrounding region beyond Vulture’s Roost, where they will find the same level of detail and potential for exploration as any other level 35 areas in Starfield. However, due to the steepness of the plateau around Vulture’s Roost, players may need to use fast travel to return to their ship after descending from the high elevations of the plateau. This adds another layer of strategy to the exploration process.

Kryx’s Journal Entry 02

Kryx's Journal Entry 02
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Once you reach a room with a cell inside, close to the starting area, make sure to head upstairs and loot Kryx’s Journal Entry 02 on a round table. It reduces store prices permanently by 2% and you permanently sell items for 2% more (on top of any other bonuses).

The Vulture’s Roost Bar, Offices & Rooms 01-05

The Vulture's Roost Bar
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

As players navigate Vulture’s Roost, they will traverse several living quarters before encountering a large bar, a significant focal point in this complex section. Near the bar’s main entrance, on the right side, is a two-story habitation unit. Intriguingly, all doors in this hab are locked except for the bathroom, presenting a puzzle for players.

An alternative and more straightforward entry method can be found to the left of the bar’s main entrance on the lower floor. Here lies the entrance to the bar’s kitchen. Although this door is locked, it can be picked. Inside the kitchen, players will discover a waist-high safe. Successfully picking these safe rewards players with a key that unlocks all five rooms in the nearby hab.

Waist high in the Vulture's Roost kitchen
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

These rooms are treasure troves of contraband, either openly displayed or secured within contraband caches. Each cache in Vulture’s Roost is a bounty containing nine or ten contraband items. Players can expand their contraband collection rapidly with such an abundance of caches. Among the diverse types of contraband available at Vulture’s Roost, players can find rare items like vials of Aurora.

The route from the bar to the next area of the complex is located on the upper level. This path leads through a corridor with several locked offices, each potentially housing additional contraband. At the end of this hallway, players will overlook another landing pad, signaling the transition to a new segment of their adventure in Vulture’s Roost.

The Vulture's Roost Contraband Cache
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Vulture’s Roost Landing Bay and Securing the Dagger

As players progress into the landing pad area of Vulture’s Roost in Starfield, they will face the most formidable Ecliptic Mercenaries. This section features an elevated path encircling the landing pad. Along this route, players can discover various high-value items in various habitation units, including advanced weapons, protective suits, and additional contraband.

To the left of the walkway, a staircase descends to the landing pad level. While this lower area primarily offers crafting materials and loot from defeated Ecliptic enemies, there’s an intriguing opportunity awaiting players – a Dagger ship that has docked in this zone upon their arrival. This presents an enticing final challenge for players to complete their foray into Vulture’s Roost by stealing the starship.

The Dagger is a compact, Class A vessel. Although it lacks a shielded cargo hold, it represents a significant prize. Players who have successfully navigated the dangers of Vulture’s Roost, outsmarting and outfighting Ecliptic forces and plundering their resources, are presented with a fitting climax to their adventure – the chance to commandeer the Dagger ship. Successfully stealing this ship showcases their prowess and adds a thrilling conclusion to their conquest of Vulture’s Roost.

Dagger Stats

Cargo/Shielded Capacity1826/248
Jump24 LY
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