How to Get to Tranquilitea in Neon (Core)

Anastasios Antoniadis

Discover where to find the Tranqulitea vendor in Neon (Core) and purchase the variety of tea available.

Delilah Stuart - Neon (Core)

Tranquilitea is a tea-making corporation in Starfield that produces various aid items (tea). All of Tranquilitea’s tea variants restore the player character’s health while providing a 15-minute +2%XP gain buff. Tranqulitea vendors can only be found in two locations in Starfield, in Neon (Core), Volii Alpha, Volii and Paradiso, Porrima II, Porrima. This guide will explain how to reach Tranqulitea in Neon (Core), as the vendor’s location is slightly obscure.

Where to Find Tranquilitea in Neon (Core)

Tranqulitea can be found on the first floor of the Ryujin Tower in Neon (Core). To get there:

  • Fast travel to Neon (Core). You will spawn at the Spaceport Terminal elevator in Neon.
  • Make a left turn toward the Mining League and Neon Tactical and follow the street toward its end.View from the Spaceport Terminal Elevator in Neon (Core)
  • Once you reach Ryujin Tower, enter it and turn left. The Tranquilitea shop is across the main hallway.Tranquilitea in Ryujin Tower
  • There, you will find Polly Mac Coinnich, the Tranquilitea Vendor at Ryujin Tower’s Tranquilitea Kiosk. Talk to Polly to view her inventory of Aid items.Tranquilitea Vendor Polly Mac Coinnich

Polly Mac Connich’s Tranquilitea Inventory

AidEffectMassValueItem ID
Tranquilitea BreakfastRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits0010FA0A
Tranquilitea ChamomileRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits0009F549
Tranquilitea ClassicRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits00002449
Tranquilitea DynasticRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits0010FA08
Tranquilitea Earl GreyRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits0010FA09
Tranquilitea Easy SleepRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits003B7115
Tranquilitea LemonRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits0010FA0C
Tranquilitea LotusRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits0010FA0F
Tranquilitea SunrayRestores 3 Health
+2% XP Gain for 15m
0.3075 Credits003B7117
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