How to Get to the Nest in Anime Champions Simulator’s Land of Ants

Anastasios Antoniadis

The Nest in Anime Champions Simulator Land of Ants (ACS)

In the Anime Champions Simulator, nestled within the Land of Ants, you’ll find The Nest, which serves as the repository for all the Ant eggs you must destroy and the Ant Queen you must face off. Your mission is to locate and obliterate this Ant Nest, but locating it may be challenging. However, the actual location is pretty straightforward, and it’s also where you will find a Nekko after crossing the bridge past the village you spawn in.

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Guide to Locating the Nest in Anime Champions Simulator

To access The Nest within Anime Champions Simulator, ensure you’re in The Land of Ants, the 9th planet on your star map. Upon entering this area, exit the starting village. Continue following the path on foot or on your mount, crossing the bridge ahead. Proceed until you encounter unmarked signs; this is your cue that you’ve arrived near The Nest’s location.

How to get to Find the Nest in Land of the Ants (ACS)
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Rotate until the distant plateaus come into view, as depicted in the image provided. Your destination lies in that direction. Although the image shows a hole, it is surrounded by rocks. Proceed towards this area, disregarding any paths; your goal is directly ahead.

You must achieve a damage per second (DPS) of 10 million to reach your goal, which should be easy, but if you find it challenging, just return to the starting village and start opening orbs to fuse champions with your strongest one.

Investing time in upgrading and leveling your Champions is essential until their collective DPS reaches 10 million. It’s also advisable to acquire additional equipment slots for your Champions beyond the standard three, as having more Champions significantly simplifies tasks such as these.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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