How to get to Sky Island in King Legacy

Anastasios Antoniadis

This post will explain how to get to Sky Island in King Legacy. In Roblox King Legacy, once you reach level 800, you should move from Desert Island (Level 525+) to Sky Island (Level 800+). However, doing so may be a bit of a challenge, as it required you to jump up using clouds as your staircase, but your initial 2 Jumps are not enough.

How to reach Sky Island in King Legacy’s First Sea

Below we will list all the ways you can use to get to Sky Island, starting from the recommended and intended one:

  • While 2 Jumps are enough for the first two clouds, you must ascend through the rest by using Soru. Soru can be bought for $50,000 Beli at Soldier Island. Soru is one of the CP9 Rokushiki techniques, and it allows users to move at extremely high speeds. In King Legacy, Soru works as a teleportation technique that will teleport you several meters toward your target when you press F on PC, the Zoom Trigger on Xbox, or the corresponding on-screen button on mobile. As I said, this is the simplest and intended way to reach Sky Island.
  • Another non-recommended way is to reach 3 Jumps. One way to do this is to reach 825 on melee stats. However, you can also achieve that by reaching level 1,000. Both of these scenarios are not ideal, as you don’t want to invest in your Melee Stat so early in the game that it may cost you a Stat Reset. You also don’t want to spend 200 levels farming at Deser Island at a slower rate.
  • Finally, if you have a flying Devil Fruit you can use that to reach Sky Island without fuss. Here are some of the Devil Fruits with Flying abilities in King Legacy:
    • Flame Fruit: 1,725,000 Beli and 3 Gems. The flight is a bit faster than any boat but not nearly as fast as Coffin Boat.
    • Sand Fruit: 1,125,000 Beli. Its flight is fairly fast, faster than most of the flight fruits.
    • Phoenix Fruit: 4,500,000 Beli and 10 Gems. The flight is only slightly faster than boats.
    • Gas Fruit:3,375,000 Beli and 10 Gems. The gas fruits fly is much like a Phoenix’s fly.
    • Gravity Fruit:2,100,000 Beli and 3 Gems. The flight is also a bit faster than a normal boat; this flight is unique since your character rides on a meteor rather than just turning into a cloud of elements (in the case of Logia’s).
    • Rubber Fruit: 1,087,500 Beli. Flight move is unlocked with Fourth Gear. With Gear Fourth, it costs 1,250,000 Beli. The flight is only slightly faster than a boat.
    • Magma Fruit: 1,950,000 Beli and 2 Gems. Flight is the same speed as Flame-Flame Fruits. The Awakened flight is only slightly slower than the coffin boat.
    • Dragon Fruit: 7,500,000 Beli and 10 gems. The second fastest method of travel behind the Light-Light fruit is faster than Coffin Boat.
    • Pika Pika no Mi:1,800,000 Beli and 3 Gems. The flight turns you into a beam of light. By far the fastest method of travel, but the direction can’t be changed, so you have to aim your flight correctly.
Anastasios Antoniadis
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