How to Get the Celestial Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Get the Celestial Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator

In Anime Champions Simulator, enhancing your champion’s passive abilities is crucial to building a formidable character. Quirks are the key to reaching a level of dominance with your Champions team. While many Quirks offer subtle improvements, the Celestial Quirk stands out for those aiming to maximize their champion’s potential. Below, we will delve into the methods of acquiring the Celestial Quirk and its impactful benefits.

The Celestial Quirk has earned a prominent position in our comprehensive Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List & Guide, indicating its significant value within the game. We recommend visiting the game’s Trello Page for further insights and strategies.

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How to Get the Celestial Quirk in ACS

Qurik Reroll Location in Anime Champions SImulator
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Acquiring the Celestial Quirk in Anime Champions Simulator requires persistence, as players must continually use the Quirk reroll feature in Champions City until they obtain it. This process may demand a significant investment of time and medals as the roll chance is 0.033, so on average, you may need up to 3,333 Quirk Rerolls to get it (even more if you are unlucky). However, the rarity and benefits of the Celestial Quirk make it a valuable asset for those willing to undertake the effort.

After successfully restoring the Magic Tree in Pirate Town, you can reroll. If you visit Champions Town, look for the Magic Tree to the left of the leaderboards. The pathway to the Magic Tree is located in this area.

Beneath the enchanting Magic Tree lies a glistening circular area marked “Quirks.” To access the reroll feature for Quirks, click on the plus icon. Within the champion’s Quirk interface, you’ll find the reroll button. Remember to remove any existing Quirk from its slot before initiating a reroll for optimal results.

To recruit champions from different areas, you must acquire the appropriate medals. Champions from the Hero Academy require Hero Medals, while characters originating from the JoJo universe necessitate Bizarre Medals. You can obtain these medals by overcoming formidable opponents within their respective worlds and accomplishing Raids.

ACS Celestial Quirk Stat Bonuses

Possessing the Celestial Quirk in Roblox Anime Champions Simulator grants you a substantial enhancement to your combat capabilities, including a 1.6x increase in damage output, a 30% boost to critical hit probability, double damage against bosses, a twofold increase in attack speed, and a quadrupling of movement speed. These enhancements are on par with other powerful Quirks such as Assassin, Titan, or Black Hole.

Acquiring this Quirk may require persistence, as it is often not obtained on the first attempt. You’ll likely need to amass many medals to continue trying for the Celestial Quirk. Despite the potential challenge of obtaining it, the pursuit is justified by the formidable advantages it provides once equipped.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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