How to Get the Ambassador Pistol in Starfield

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How to get the Ambassador pistol during Friends Like These in Starfield.

How to Get the Ambassador Pistol in Starfield

Ambassador is a unique rare pistol that you can acquire during the Friends Like These quest for the UC Vanguard (faction mission 05) in Starfield. It is also a missable weapon, so you’d better not waste your chance to get it as it’s one of the best weapons you can get early in the game (and a personal favorite of mine).

How to Get the Ambassador Unique Pistol

The NPC that gives you the Ambassador Pisol is FC Ambassador Evangeline Radcliff inside the Freestar Collective Embassy in New Atlantis’ Embassy District. It is essential that you do not use Persuasion on the ambassador to acquire the Freestar Collective Archival Code.

Access the UC Listening Device

Instead, you must access the UC Listening Device inside the ambassador’s private quarters (you can use Cameron Long’s help for that). Once you reach the UC Listening Device through the vents, you will find out that the ambassador implies that she should assassinate a governor to get a position in the Governor Council of the Freestar Collective.

Reveal Radcliff's Assassination Plans
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Confront Ambassador Evangeline Radcliff

Once you reveal the ambassador’s plans it’s time to confront her. Your dialogue options matter here, so here is what you should tell her:

Dialogue Option #1: “I know your plan to ‘replace’ someone on the Council of Governors.”

Dialogue Option #2: “There’s Evidence. I imagine bad things would happen if your bosses found out.”

Dialogue Option #3: “You can that negotiation? Without even offering me a gift?”This is where you get the Ambassador.

Dialogue Option to get the Ambassador
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

You can also ask for a negotiation fee during the final dialogue option, which will yield you 12,000 Credits. The Ambassador is now yours and it’s one hell of a weapon!

Ambassador Stats

Ambassador Pistol Stats
Image: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides
Damage TypePhysical
Ammo.43 Ultramag
Magazine Size8
Fire Rate109
Mass3.75 kg
Mods Slots7
Offensive Modifiers/PerksShattering: Break through event the strongest armor
Installed Weapon ModsExtended Barrel: Vastly increases Accuracy, Recoil Control, and Range at the cost of Aim Down Sight speed.
Laser Sight
: Laser Sight attachment to help with target acquisition and increase Accuracy.
Reflex Sight
: Reflex sights for quicker target acquisition and visibility.
Muzzle Brake
: Increases long-range Accuracy and Stability at the cost of Hip-Fire accuracy
Penetrator Rounds
: lncreadibly powerful rounds that cantpass through multiple enemies.
High Powered
: Increases Damage done
Binary Trigger
: A binary trigger allows for the weapon to fire on pull and release of the trigger for a faster fire rate.
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