How to Get Shusui in Haze Piece on Triller Boat


Shusi is one of the mightiest swords in Haze Piece and, thankfully, easy to obtain. The path to acquiring the Shusui sword in Haze Piece leads players to the Thriller Boat island (level 2050+), the last island of Sea 1. This mysterious island, marked as Level: ??? on the in-game map initially, is located to the north of Bubble Island and east of Impel Jail. The key to obtaining Shusui lies in defeating the island’s formidable boss, Ryummy, who boasts a level of 2150.

Thriller Boat Location Sea 1
Image: Holy Developer Council via MGG

Thriller Boat is a high-level area with a recommended player level of 2050. Players should prepare accordingly before embarking on quests within this region. Picking Ryummy’s quest is not a prerequisite for encountering Ryummy. However, if players take on a quest to defeat this boss, they stand to gain substantial rewards, including $9850 Beli and +25700000 EXP.

How to Get Shusui

However, players should note that acquiring the sword is not guaranteed – it has a 5% drop rate from Ryummy. Ryummy also drops Blue Scarf with a 5% drop rate, another sought-after item (head accessory). When engaging in combat with Ryummy, players must inflict at least 20% damage to be eligible for the rewards, similar to every boss or superboss in Haze Piece. This is an important consideration, especially when teaming up with friends for the challenge.

Ryummu uses the two sword moves Shusui grants him. Be really cautious of Star Impact, as it can very easily deplete the dodges granted by your Observation Haki (even at Level 2).

Shusui Sword Moves

Like most swords in Haze Piece, Shusui comes equipped with two distinct moves:

Z: Thrust Barrage (Stat Level 50)

This move allows players to unleash a series of powerful, forward-piercing strikes, ideal for taking on multiple adversaries.

X: Star Impact (Stat Level 150)

This technique involves teleportation coupled with ultra-fast attacks, culminating in a devastating explosion. It’s a strategic move for players looking to deal significant damage while maintaining agility.

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