How to get a Shein gift card in 2022: Shein saving tips

Shein is a great online retailer for clothes and other fashion products for men, women, and kids. Buyers that look for good deals or bargains are always on the lookout for opportunities to acquire a Shein gift card for less. So, in this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about Shein gift cards, from what they are and how they work, to how you can get one.

Our guide will also provide some Shein buying tips to save you some money when making apparel and other fashion purchases.

What are Shein Gift cards?

Shein gift cards work the same way as other gift cards, like the ones you get for Amazon, Walmart, Google Play Store, and Apple's App Store. A Shein gift card holds the same value as real money, based on the value of the gift card you have purchased. You can then use the gift card to buy products from Shein, for an amount that is less than or equal to the value of the gift card.

Shein gift cards above US$200 come with a 5% discount or more. Currently, the highest value of Shein gift cards is US$1,350.

Gift Card ValueGift Card Price
$200.00$190.00 (5% off)
$300.00$285.00 (5% off)
$400.00$380.00 (5% off)
$500.00$460.00 (8% off)
$1,500.00$1,350.00 (10% off)
Shein gift card pricing and values

How to get Shein gift cards

Buyers can purchase Shein gift cards from the Shein official website and use them themselves or gift them to friends. Shein gift cards are e-cards or virtual cards only, so you cannot purchase them from physical retailers. You can't even buy them from Amazon, Walmart, or any other online shop.

Note that Shein gift cards are region-locked. Buyers can only purchase Shein gift cards in the region of purchase. In the past, it was possible to redeem gift cards outside the region of purchases, but this is no longer true since March 2021.

How to save on Shein in 2021?

Saving on Shein requires similar strategies to the ones we have recommended for other retailers, like Airbnb and Spotify. Using coupon extensions on your browsers like Coupert and Honey is one of the best ways to save money using promo codes and cashback.

How to save money on Shein using Coupert?

To take advantage of Coupert's coupons and cashback you first need to add Coupert to your browser. You can find the Coupert extension on the Google Chrome web store:

how to install Coupert and save money on shaiennbsp Howtoinstallcoupertongooglechrome
Install Coupert from the Google Chrome Web Store. Image credit: Google

Next, visit and click the coupert icon coupert logo iconnbsp coupert logo icon on your extensions list. Coupert will show you the latest working promo codes for Shein, while also allowing you to activate cashbacks upon purchase from the Shein store. Coupert works with more than 7,000 stores, one of which is Shein to bring you the best cashback deals.

Shein store coupert extensionnbsp image13
Image credit: Shein + Coupert

How to save money on Shein using Honey

Honey works exactly the same way as Coupert. You will have to download and install the extension from the Google Chrome web store. Upon doing so, you can visit and press the Honey icon to see the available promo codes on Shein and activate cashback.

How to install honey on chromenbsp Howtoinstallhoneyonchrome

Take advantage of cashback websites on Shein

Buyers can also use cashback websites like Topcashback, Extrabux to receive a percentage of cashback upon purchases from Shein.

Additionally, you can use Swagbucks to complete online surveys and receive gift cards you can redeem on online stores, including Shein.


Can I get a Shein gift card for free?

No, it is not possible to get a Shein gift card for free. You may come across Shein gift card generators online, but these tools never work and they only aim to scam buyers looking for shopping deals and bargains.

Do gift cards work on Shein?

Yes, gift cards purchased by Shein itself or claimed by its partners can be redeemed on Shein to purchase products and services.

Is the $800 Shein gift card real?

No, it is nothing but a scam. Just think about it; would anyone ever gift you $800 for no reason at all? The answer is always no. You will typically find videos and blog posts that try to get traffic by “advertising” these scams or even atempt to steal your personal information and sell it to advertisers. Never trust these websites or content creators.

Is the $750 Shein gift card real?

Once again the answer is no. Any type of free gift card offer is nothing but a scam.

This concludes our guide on gift cards for Shein. If you found this guide useful you can check our other guides on GetUpside promo codes, Postmates promo codes too. Read also how to get a Spotify free trial or a Netflix free trial or discount!

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