How to Get Sealant in Starfield (Buy, Farm)

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How to Get Sealant in Starfield

Sealant plays a crucial role in the Starfield universe, serving as a key component in constructing Outposts, crafting modifications, and fulfilling vital quest requirements, such as the pivotal First Contact mission.

To assist you in efficiently locating and harvesting Sealant, we have compiled a comprehensive guide detailing every known method to acquire this valuable resource in Starfield.

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How to Get Sealant in Starfield

In the sections below, you’ll find in-depth information on purchasing and harvesting Sealant. However, for a quick overview, here are the primary methods to obtain Sealant in Starfield:

  1. Purchase from in-game merchants
  2. Where to farm Sealant from Flora and Fauna
  3. Acquire as a present from your in-game companions.
  4. Find in assorted loot caches

Where to Buy Sealant From Vendors

Sealant in Vendor Menu (Resources)
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The most efficient method to acquire Sealant involves visiting a resource vendor, purchasing their entire Sealant inventory, and then utilizing the ‘Wait’ feature to advance time by 24 hours and reset the vendor stock. Alternatively, you can visit additional vendors to deplete their Sealant stock.

In Starfield, waiting is as simple as sitting on any chair or bench. However, given the convenience of fast travel, it might be more practical to travel between vendors for Sealant, especially if they are within a short distance.

Here are the places to buy Sealant in Starfield:

Where to Farm Sealant from Flora and Fauna

Where to farm Sealant in Starfield Procyon III
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Another option is to farm Sealant from plants and animals on planets with Fauna and Flora. However, you must find the appropriate biomes to find the Fauna or Flora you seek, so check the pop-up window on the right when selecting a landing spot on planets with Fauna and/or Flora.

Fauna with Sealant

  • Augustus Creeper (Fauna found in Hills biomes)
  • Herding Cagebrain Herbivore (Fauna found in Tropical Forest and Deciduous Forest biomes)
  • Herding Canard Filterer (Fauna found in Ocean biomes)
  • Herding Coralcrawler Grazer (Fauna found in Wetlands biomes)
  • Herding Brainbimp Filterer (Fauna found in any biome)
  • Herding Horsamander Herbivore (Fauna found in Coniferous Forest biomes)
  • Herding Vuvuzelisk Geophage (Fauna found in Rocky Desert, Plateau, Mountains, and Volcanic biomes)
  • Sunfish Filterer (Fauna found in Ocean and Swamp biomes)

Flora with Sealant

  • Cold Cave Nettle (Flora found in Frozen Plains biomes)
  • Hecate’s Fireleaf (Flora found in Mountain and Sandy Desert biomes)
  • Sandclaw (Flora found in Mountains, Sandy Desert, and Deciduous Forest biomes)
  • Stunted Pine (Flora found in Mountains, Swamp, and Savanna biomes)
  • Swamp Bottle Root (Flora found in Swamp and Wetlands biomes)
  • Swarming Dragon (Flora found in Swamp and Savanna biomes)
  • Tufted Snow Willow (Flora found in Frozen Plains, Mountains, and Swamp biomes)

One of the best planets to farm Sealant is Procyon III in the Procyon A system, as you will find both Herding Coralcrawler Grazers and Cold Cave Nettles in its Wetlands and Frozen Plains biomes, respectively.

Receive Sealant as a Gift from Companions

Receive Sealant as a Gift from Companions
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The four Constellation companions in Starfield offer unique gifts after accompanying you for a sufficient period. Those with the ‘Botany’ skill, such as Sarah Morgan, tend to bestow organic resources, including Sealant, as gifts.

Although receiving Sealant from companions is a pleasant bonus, it may not be the most effective method for acquiring it in larger quantities. The amount given is relatively small, and it’s part of a shared loot pool with other resources. Relying solely on a specific companion for Sealant might also restrict your gameplay options and strategies.

Loot Sealant from Storage Boxes and Other Containers

Sealant is also discoverable in various forms throughout the Starfield universe. You can find it in containers, on the remains of adversaries, scattered in open spaces such as laboratories and crafting zones, and it’s even obtainable through the art of pickpocketing.

While this isn’t the quickest method to accumulate Sealant, it offers a cost-free means of gradually collecting it as you explore. Keeping an eye out for Sealant during your adventures can yield a steady, if modest, supply.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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