How to Get Raiu or What to Do with Scroll in Haze Piece


This guide explains how to get Raiu in Haze Piece. If you defeat Shyryu, the level 1850+ boss of Skull Island (Level 1750+) in Sea 1, enough times, you will eventually obtain a Scroll from him. This scroll has a 5% drop rate and is the key to getting the Raiu Sword from the Scroll Merchant on the same island for $75,000 Beli.

Obtained Scroll message in Haze Piece
Image: Holy Developer Council via MGG

Once you get the scroll, you must head to the Scroll Merchant behind the giant Skull structure. Equip the scroll using the quick bar and then talk to the Scroll Merchant. The Scroll Merchant will ask for the Scroll and $75,000 Beli to give you the Raiu sword.

Pay the merchant and give him the scroll to receive Raiu!

Raiu Moves

Raiu comes with two moves, Crimson Dash and Bloody Barrage:

X: Crimson Dash (Stat Level 150)

Z: Bloody Barrage (Stat Level 30)

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