How to get Rabbit V4 in Blox Fruits?

Anastasios Antoniadis

The January 6th Race v4 Blox Fruits update introduced a new tier to unlock for all races in the game. This guide will explain how to get Rabbit V4 in Blox Fruits.

Rabbit V4 Prerequisites

To unlock Rabbit V4, you must first unlock Rabbit V2 and Rabbit V3. The second requirement is to have defeated the rip_indra boss, which you can spawn if you have three Haki colors and God’s Chalice.

How to get Rabbit V2

To unlock Rabbit V2, you must have completed the Colosseum Quest and then complete the Alchemist’s Quest.

How to get Rabbit V3

To unlock Rabbit V3, you must complete Arowe’s Quest. The quest’s objectives for Rabbits require you to collect 30 chests.

How to get Rabbit V4 in Blox Fruits

Rabbit V4 Unlocking Trial

Below are the steps to unlock Rabbit V4 if you meet all the requirements:

  • Head to the Castle on the Sea and find the stone tablet in front of where the King Red Head is sealed behind the boss room. If you have defeated rip_indra, you can interact with King Red Head instead of the tablet (if you haven’t defeated rip_indra, the tablet will say, “Here lies King Red Head Perhaps one day, he’ll be released from his mental prison.“).
  • After talking to King Red Head, head to the Great Tree and go to its top (having a flying Devil Fruit will be a great help here). There, you will find an invisible NPC labeled “MISC.” Talking to the invisible NPC will teleport you to the Temple of Time.
  • Head down to the temple’s hall and talk to the second NPC you encounter. He will teleport you back to the Great Tree. Head back to the sealed King Red Head and interact with the table. You will read the message, “That place may hold the key to a greater power, but you must undergo a trial to grab hold of it. Powers involving time always work best under full moon’s light.
  • This step requires you to have a Mirror Fractal. Go to Mirage Island and head to the highest point at the top of the mountain. Once the moon gets full, activate your race ability and instinct, and stare at the full moon for 15 seconds. A text will pop up on your screen, and the moon will emit a flashing light. Then, look around Mirage Island for a light blue gear that glows lightly (you will need this to activate the level at the next step).
  • Finally, go to the Temple of Time and pull the lever.

Rabbit V4 Trial of Speed (Stage 1 Awakening)

Here are the steps to unlock Rabbit V4 – Stage 1:

  1. Wait for a full moon and gather at least two other players (minimum 3 players including yourself) with different races each. All players must stand in front of their race’s corresponding trial door.
  2. Once the full moon has risen to the sky, all three players must activate their race abilities before the trial doors to unlock them and enter the trial.
  3. Once the door has opened, enter and finish the boss trial in under 1 minute.
  4. After all three players have finished their trials, they must battle each other
  5. The last player standing must follow the glowing orb to the ancient clock.
  6. Once the orb reaches the ancient clock, then interact with it and with the ancient clock.
  7. Place the gear in the giant clock’s gear slot to unlock Rabbit V4.

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Anastasios Antoniadis
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