How to Get Milk in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Get Milk in Palworld

In the Palworld, collecting diverse materials is a crucial aspect of the adventure, particularly for players who are devoted to breeding Pals. One of the primary resources to acquire is Milk, a fundamental element in crafting a scrumptious Cake, which plays a vital role in the breeding procedure. While Milk is the starting point, other intricate components, such as Honey, are also indispensable for this culinary endeavor.

Acquiring Milk in Palworld

Milk Palworld
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Purchasing from Merchants

For players who require only a small amount of Milk, it can be conveniently purchased from roaming merchants across different settlements and occasionally near your base. Typically priced at 50 gold, Milk from merchants is a quick solution for those in the early stages of their Palworld journey. However, keep in mind that conserving funds for more critical purchases is advisable.

Establishing a Ranch with Mozzarina for Milk Production

For a more reliable and continuous supply, consider establishing a Ranch. Here, players can harness Pals resembling cows to produce Milk regularly. This method not only offers a steady resource but also integrates well into the larger farming and breeding mechanics of the game. Capturing Mozzarinas will also reward you with Milk, while defeating them drops Milk too.

Mozzarina: The Key Pal to Milk Farming in Palworld

Mozzarina Paldeck
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Mozzarina is a cow-like Pal that plays a crucial role in milk production. These creatures are found in the Bamboo Groves in the southern regions of Palworld. Often, they are spotted in groups wandering between significant landmarks such as the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster, Ravine Entrance, and Ascetic Falls.

When you come across Mozzarinas in the game, you can either defeat them to collect Milk instantly or capture them and farm them for longer. Once you reach level five, you can construct a Ranch by using 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber. Keeping Mozzarinas in your Ranch ensures a steady supply of Milk, which can be useful for your breeding and cooking tasks.

Cooking Recipes in Palworld that Require Milk

Milk in Palworld is not only for breeding but also a versatile ingredient in various recipes. The Cake, essential for breeding in Palworld, can be cooked using a Cooking Pot at level 17 with the following ingredients:

  • 5x Flower
  • 8x Red Berries
  • 7x Milk
  • 8x Egg
  • 2x Honey

Additional Recipes with Milk

  • Hot Milk: Requires one Milk.
  • Pancake: Mix one Milk with one Flour.
  • Mushroom Soup: Combine one Milk with one Mushroom.
  • Pizza: Needs two Milk, two Red Berries, one Flour, and two Tomatoes.
  • Carbonara: Prepared with two Milk, two Eggs, and one Flour.
  • Eikthyrdeer Stew: Comprises two Milk, two Eikthyrdeer Venison, and one Mushroom.
  • Mozzarina Cheeseburger: Created with two Mozzarina Meat, two Milk, one Flour, and two Tomatoes.

The versatility of milk in the culinary landscape of Palworld presents players with numerous possibilities, enhancing their gameplay experience. It serves as an essential component in the vibrant world of Palworld, whether it’s for breeding, cooking, or as a stable resource.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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